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Deerfest'15: One Worthwhile Deerwalk Day

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Photo Courtesy: Navaraj Kharel

The 13th September Deerwalk Fest, Deerfest 2015, left smiles on the faces of a majority of Deerwalkers.  Let's read what some Deerwalker want to say about the fest.

One of my best days of my life, "Deerfest'15". Everything went well, excitement ruled my mind, heart was like flying, everyone was dancing, I loved it. O wow!! I will never forget this :) Abhishek Khatiwada, Second Semester

Deerfest-015 was nice. Everybody had done great job on their respective field. Food Dept, Organizers, Sports Dept, everyone had given their full effort. I really appreciate all of the members of Food Dept for providing good food to us. As we all know there is always a bad part behind every good program. There were various things lagging behind in terms of management. Overall it was good. But personally, I am not so satisfied when I compare it with the previous session. I miss Menosh a lot. Muskan Lamsal, Fourth Semester 

Deerfest-015 was totally awesome till the end. In my opinion the best part of fest was the performance by the Sunil Lamsal's team and the song by Bidur Banstola. Aswin Aryal, Fourth Semester 

Deerfest 2015 was awesome indeed. Since our team won the quiz, quiz was one of the best part of Deerfest 2015. Other than that, games and performances were good. Sagar Giri, Sixth Semester

Abishekh and the group were amazing. Anmol's performance as always was electrifying. I hated the signature drink. Had enough fun overall! Bhishan Bhandari, Fourth Semester

The fest was amazing, kudos to the performances but the connection we had in the previous Deerfest was lacking yesterday. Bidish Acharya, Sixth Semester

It was fun, but to be honest felt slightly downside as compared to last year's. The food was good though. The idea of quiz was not so great and there could have been more games to cheer up the audience. And one last thing, that signature drink at the end was not so signature. Nevertheless, everyone was happy and seeing them dance in the beat, my heart felt warm. Bimal Gaire, Sixth Semester It was great. I enjoyed a lot. If the quiz questions were less confusing and if there were some more dances and songs, it would have been much better. Dipesh Poudel, Fourth Semester The Deerfest was a very amazing experience. Right from the start (at the quiz event), I knew that is was going to be fun, but I believe if blue whale did not happen we would have won the quiz, but it doesn't matter we had fun. My best performance title will go to the song by Bidur Banstola and Shrijak Shrestha. I could feel the hard work and interest that was put into it. The performance by Sunil Lamsal and his group was also absolutely stunning, I could not stop laughing. For suggestions, I don't have any specific points, it was a totally informal event where everyone was enjoying and having fun, we were doing things the Deerwalk wayy. B| Bishal Timalsina, Second Semester It was the fantastic program. Everything was scheduled well. All the show were really nice. Thank you so much to the organizers. Suryaraj Timisina, Sixth Semester Deerfest 2015 was fun than expected. We thought the Deerfest would not be as fun as last year, indeed it wasn't, however the day was full of fun and excitement. The penalty shoot, food, silent dance and cup performance were the most enjoyed performances in Deerfest. The best part however was the coinci-dance and hosting done by two fun-people Bidur and Bardan. Nisha Dhungana, Fourth Semester

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