Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

How was DEERFEST 2016?

By Sushil Awale

  Deerfest. 11.15 am. I was fifteen minutes late for the event. As I rushed towards the Sagarmatha Hall, the utensils in my backpack clinked against each other. The noise was embarrassing. I slowed my pace and held the backpack in my hands. All the participants of Deerfest were asked to bring their own utensils if they wanted to eat the food at the fest. Most of the students were baffled by the announcement and didn't fully agree with the decision. But, the organizers excused themselves by branding the decision as a "Tradition" and never explained the reason behind it. In correlation to the "Tradition", the fest seemed disorganized with events scattered here and there. However, the day filled with food and friends turned out to be fun and exciting. The fest started with a cultural welcome dance performed by Nabina Khadka ’19. The short program was one of the main events of Deerfest. There was a couple more dance performance by batch 2019, and the self-choreographed performances were commendable with regards to such short time for practice. The main highlight of this event was the satirical skit scripted around DWIT Media. The performance by Takdir Bartula, role playing as an English to Nepali NEWS translator, was praiseworthy. The drama was followed by musical performances from students of batch 2018. Manish Dani's '18 performance "Smack That" got the whole crowd singing along and Bishal Timalsina's '18 performance on the Base was electrifying. The event also incorporated Deer Awards - given to students and staffs in different categories based on the online votes. With the conclusion of the event, it was lunch time and each one of us brought our own plates. As we finished our lunch, we washed our dishes with only water which didn’t feel hygienic at all. If the college couldn’t provide us with plates then at least it should have made some provision for washing the dishes. After the lunch, a number of games were conducted in parallel. For the first time, Deerwalk hosted e-games on campus. There were five different games to compete on and the Gamers were busy all day. Simultaneously, other outdoor games were being held. The students were segregated into groups as they tried to follow the different events. Some of the students participated in multiple events and were struggling to keep up. There was also a group of students who were in the oblivion of the parallel events as they enjoyed their own card games. In spite of all the exciting games, the main attraction of Deerfest was food. The Food Eating competition drew the most crowd where as other games such as ‘Minute To Win It’, Carrom, Table Tennis, Dart drew the few. There were five different categories in the Food Eating Competition and faculty and students alike participated with enthusiasm and competitiveness. The final and the most advertised attraction of Deerfest was Mo:Mo making and eating. Along with Deerwalk Foods’ staff, the students and faculty members volunteered to make Mo:Mo. Despite a large number of volunteers, the supply couldn’t fulfill the demand. Moreover, the distribution of Mo:Mo was not conducted in a disciplined way and students competed against each other to get a full plate of Mo:Mo. Students forming a crowd around the Mo:Mo distribution table and stretching their hands with their own plates to get a plate of Mo:Mo was humorous and also showed a lack of proper organization. Many students didn't get to eat the delicious Mo:Mos to their fullest content. There was a short musical performance to round up the event. As the day grew darker, some students started heading off to their homes while some stayed back enjoying the chilly evening gossiping with friends. The day was full of exciting games, delicious food, and most importantly friends. At the end of the day, everyone had memories to cherish for the lifetime.