Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Deerfest '15: Till the Music is Gone, Party On!

By Asmita Subedi

Amidst all the hustle and hassle that the Deerwalkers are going through in their college life, there comes a day when we forget them all and enjoy eating, playing, dancing, singing and celebrating together with each other and create some wonderful memories.  Yeah! That day is non-other than our own, very beloved DEERFEST.

This year too on September 13, 2015, the Deerwalkers celebrated the 2nd DEERFEST with the slogan “Till the music is gone, party on!” To start with the program, we had our intelligent brainiacs of all the batches facing off each other in the quiz competition named ‘Deer Quiz’. The program was hosted by Sandesh Sharma and all the five participating teams played their best. The team Gollum won the competition. Well, no one can ever forget that Blue Whale is the largest mammal of the world after that Deer Quiz. J Only the ones who were present there can relate to what I am saying!

To add up more fun and twist in Deerfest, the laziest one, the flirt, the talkative, the foddie, the brainiac, the butterfingers, the chubbiest one, the dramatic one, the skinny one, the love birds, the tall giraffe, the short potato, the crunk, the clown and the mute one were awarded with the most famous Deer Awards and Shreha Regmi, Sneha Parajuli and the organizing team were appreciated for their awe-inspiring idea.  Bidur Banstola, the Crunk and Bardan Gurung, the gamer boy, were the coolest and awesome host who just kneeled and pinned every ones heart with their overwhelming performances in the most popular “Coincidance”. They both set their benchmark being the most awesome hosts of Deerfest.

Now, talking about the main limelight of the event i.e. the dancing and singing performances, they all were too awesomely awesome. It was both surprising and blissful to see some of the faces whom we had never ever imagined to be dancing and singing dance so cheerfully. They just stole everyone’s heart away. The creatively and innovatively choreographed silent dance and cup song, the once more rated Bidur’s Syndicate Song, the Music Club’s Yellow Submarine, Hamro Nepal and We will rock you, Bipin’s Wonderful Tonight and Maski Maski, the duos Nischal and Dipesh’s Photograph, Impossible and rest of the performances were all praise worthy and made us all either to drop our jaws in amazement or laugh our heart out or made us dance along with them.

There were interesting games like Tug of War, Balloon Filling competition and Penalty Shootout to entertain us all and help us all digest our Burger, Chicken Chhoila, Mushroom Chilly, French Fries, Fanta, Coke and Pani Puri. We all officially ended our Deerfest2 filling our hungry stomach with special mo: mos and the signature drink and biding adieu to our fun day. J

The men Behind the Scene- Anmol and the team, The Music Club, really put their best effort to organize the event and entertain us all with the awesome performances. Also the members of Food Department must all be appreciated for the hard work that they had put for all of us to enjoy the tasty dishes from morning till the evening. The effort put by all other clubs-Deer Express Club, Sports Club, Media Club and all the performers and  helping hands from Deerwalk Foods are all priceless and all the thanks to each and every one who attended the event and made Deerfest2 a success.  We all are one family and Deerfest would have been incomplete without us all. Cheers to all of us for creating yet another remarkable memory together.

Since Menosh was the one who pushed us all to dance or perform in our first Deerfest, we all felt her absence this time and we all missed her. Even though she wasn’t here by our side, she constantly helped us all to do our best and encouraged us all to participate, enjoy and party. No matter how fun we had, there lacked many things and the most precious thing missing was you-Menosh. Deerfest and Deerwalkers missed you Menosh.

I don’t know whether it is only me who felt this or not, but I think we all lacked the cordial bond that was formed between us in the last Deerfest. I think we were all happier, merrier, excited and cheerful in first Deerfest than the second one. This time the bond and lovingness between students of all the batches was somewhat quite short and also the number of students who attended the event was less. May be we all lacked the cordiality and couldn’t form a closer bond, but anyway there is still a second chance. So, let us all try our best to be more familiar and live together with much love, warmth, respect and generosity as a happy family because all we want is to make better friends and have fun and create more good and happy memories. Looking forward for the next Deerfest!