Wed, 04 Oct, 2023

Deerexpress Weekly Report: Mr.Rajesh Thapa

By Iris Raj Pokharel

Picture Courtesy: DWIT Facebook Page

On 17th December,2015 DeerExpress Club, DWIT  had invited Rajesh Thapa as an special guest for the talk program. Rajesh Thapa did his Bachelors in Architecture from Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur University, India. He completed his Construction Management & Computer Aided Designs Training from Paisley College of Technology, Glasgow (UK) and his Interior Decoration Course from the Datamatics Corporation, Calcutta (India) at 1973. He is one of the founding members of Architects Collaborate (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. He is also the managing director/CEO of MARSTUDENTSHIKA Group (P) Ltd. He has been involved in different social organizations like Rotary Club of Mount Everest, Rotary International District.

He shared about his journey from childhood till date. He helped students to interrelate Architecture and Information Technology. He suggested students to search opportunities in their own native land and work for its development. He described about his career and the subject he studied. As a member of the Rotary club, he invited students to join the Rotary club and work their best in order to develop youth participation for betterment of the country. To motivate students even further, he shared the Ups and Downs he faced in order to become a successful architect. He answered many students’ question and highlighted the demands of engineers and architectures in the present context of Nepal. Lastly, he concluded his speech by saying that “In order to face the high competition of the world ,students need to show very high dedication and hard work and be friendly with all the technologies of the world in order to implement digitization in Nepal as well”.

Iris Raj Pokharel is a member of Deerexpress Club