Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

DeerExpress Starts Out Strong

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo: Some moments during the event Photo Courtesy: DeerExpress Club This week DeerExpress started their 11th season with new participants. When DeerExpress released the name of the participants for this season, the audience seemed excited. The audience knew that the participants of this season are speakers who have a little more experience than others. Bidish Acharya, Ronit Pradhan, Prabina Neupane and Ashmita Kuwar had already served as judges whereas Sandesh Sharma was an ex-anchor of DeerExpress. The only person whom audience have not seen speaking in front of the mass is Subash Prajapati. Most of the people thought he is going to be sandwiched between  experienced participants. But he proved them wrong by speaking in front of the people confidently and without hesitation. In this first session of season 11 the participants were given a topic by the Deerexpress members. They had to give a speech on said topic for 2 minutes. The topics assigned to them were: Sandesh Sharma: If I were a lord of misrule. Prabina Neupane: How to survive a blind date? Bidish Acharya: Being an Introvert Ashmita Kunwar: If given a chance for a day in whose shoes would you prefer to be in among your friends ? Ronit Pradhan: How would you like to be remembered after you are dead and gone? Subash Prajapati: The most weird hobby of yours. This session started with Arun Tamang giving information about Deerword of the Day, as using the Deerword provides additional points to the participants. Now came turn of the participants to give their speeches. When the participants spoke they all were confident, they had points to speak about and when they added humor in the speech it was very fascinating to hear them. They spoke in such a manner that they have been giving speeches to a hall full of people for a long time. It was a very competitive scene. When judges gave the results, history was made by Deerwalkers in Deerexpress. For the first time in DeerExpress history, four participants had secured the second position. Sandesh Sharma had won this session. The difference between first and second positions was only 1 point. Someone commented that, "Competition was expected but not this much. It was like watching clash of Titans.” This session ended with distribution of chocolate to first and second place holders by DeerExpress followed by winners sharing their chocolate with their friends.