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DeerExpress Conducted a Special Extempore Session

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: Prayush Shrestha Hosting the Program Photo Courtesy: Sabin Pathak

“Good morning everyone, welcome to the special extempore session of Deertalk,” Dipesh Bhandari, host of that session and member of DeerExpress, began the program.

On 26th June, 2015 Friday,  a special extempore session was conducted by DeerExpress club. This program was conducted in the new hall in DWIT. It started at 11:15 A.M and lasted for about an hour.  The hall was enveloped by fun and humor. All the second semester students of DWIT were invited to the program via email.

The reason why this session was so special was that the host committee, participants, judges and the audiences, all were among the second semester students. Members of DeerExpress club hosted the program, judges were selected the day before, according to the performance they had given during previous DeerTalk sessions. The interesting fact was that the participants were selected randomly and so were the topics they had to talk about. the Roll Numbers of the audience were written on separate pieces of paper, then folded and placed in a plastic bag. The interested volunteers among the students withdrew a piece of paper.  Selection of participant was similar to the selection of simple random sample using the lottery method. Student with the roll number selected another piece of paper randomly where the topic was assigned. Then he/she had to talk on that topic for about 2 minutes.

Most of the students were  worried about whether they would get selected to talk in front of the audience. Eight students were selected to express their feelings on particular topics. Not only was the selection procedure interesting, but the topics that were assigned were also interesting. Topics like:

“- Practice makes a man perfect and no one's perfect then why practice?

- If I was of  opposite sex for a day

- Ultimate Dating spots

- Things I hate about DWIT “

were really humorous. After the speech given by the selected eight students, it was time for the Chief Academic Officer of DWIT, Hitesh Karki, to select the topic and deliver a speech. He had chosen the topic “First Impression of DWIT.” During his speech he highlighted, “My first impression was that I saw eight students just  roaming around doing nothing when I was a part-time worker at Deerwalk. Then at that time I decided to join DWIT and make it an established institution.” He also added, “It’s great if you do something where nothing had been established.”

DeerQuizzes was conducted after the speech session was ended. During it, quiz questions related to various fields like sports, movies and many more were asked and the winner was awarded with chocolate. Ashish Subedi was awarded with first prize and Arjan Podel was the runner up of the talk session.

Arjan Podel, commented, “It was a really nice approach of DeerExpress club to conduct such a session. I found this session really interesting and it will help us to wash away our fear of talking in public. I hope such session will be held  in future.”

Prayush Shrestha, a member of the organizing committee, said,” This extempore session was conducted due to many reasons. The most and foremost was  the examination of Batch 16 , 17 and 15 and starting the new session or completing the previous session would not have been wise. The special session did not go as expected the crowd was lacking discipline, but we had fun and successfully completed it.”

Waiting for another interesting session of Deertalk.