Fri, 24 May, 2024

DeerExpress Club Organizes the Mini-Debate Competition

By Simran Parajuli

Photo: DWIT News
The Mini-Debate Competition, organized by The Deer Express Club was successfully held on 16th of December. The event was made quite interesting by its topic “Staying single is better than being in a relationship”. The topic made the debate distinct from the ‘used to happen’ debates and raised the anxiousness of the spectators. As soon as the students and staffs gathered in the Sagarmatha Hall, the event started. Maunta Rani Gautam, hosted the event with quite an enthusiasm, boosting up the energy of the participants as well as the audience. The name of each participant was announced with their photo. There were a total of six participants, three speaking for the motion and three speaking against the motion. The contestants were called upon alternately speaking on their chosen motion. The debate was intriguing because of the strong points and the hard facts the participants threw. After all the participants finished giving their opinions, the judges passed their comments to each of the participants. The judges were Mr. Bijay Shrestha and Mr. Sagar Giri. After judge's comments, the winner was announced. The winner of the event was Sabina Shrestha who was speaking against the motion. Her sharp arguments and strong points made her the winner. Takdir Bartaula's sharp arguments and the clarity of his speech got him the second position. DWIT News team would like to congratulate the winners and also the Deer Express Club for the success of the Mini-Debate.