Tue, 23 Jul, 2024

DeerExpress Club Host Explore Gadgets Team in Deertalk Session

By Aakankshya Shrestha

 Photo: DeerExpress Club
Explore Gadgets is a tech channel on YouTube, with more than 435,000 subscribers. The team behind Explore Gadgets consists of Prabhat Yadav, Sohil Shrestha, Saphal Adhikari, Ayush Bista, Samman Bista and Binod Gautam. The channel focuses on informative videos and reviews about new tech, gadgets, android apps and games, how-to tutorials and so on. Prabhat Yadav, the founder of the team has been listed on the Forbes' 30 under 30 list in ‘Media, Marketing and Advertising’ category. They have come a long way since first starting their channel in 2012. On 2014, their channel was verified; by 2015, they were listed as the top five percent of a certain category. On 2017, they achieved their biggest achievement to date, that is being listed on the Forbes' 30 under 30. The channel is also the only channel in Nepal to receive the Silver Play Button Award from YouTube. For the Deertalk session of June 2, their team was invited. The main focus of the talk session for the team was to encourage more people to create videos on YouTube to create a Nepali YouTubers community and discuss the importance of YouTube. After a brief introduction of their team by Sohil Shrestha, Prabhat Yadav shared his views on why YouTube is important along with the history of their channel. He says that, YouTube can be more than just a hobby and can be taken into a business perspective and we want to share that perspective to the youth. Consistency and passion are the keys to a successful YouTube career. He says that if you do it passionately, you will give your 100 percent; the content will be good, and you will do it for longer period. Good content will automatically attract audience. Which in turn will make companies approach you. After that, the team’s Digital marketing head shared his ideas for setting up a channel, creating content and giving exposure to the content. He gave emphasis on how important sharing was and how to do it right. By a simple estimation of Facebook friends, he says that almost 600 people can watch the content shared. After the discussion about the how, whys, ideas, exposure and myths of YouTube, they were more focused in addressing the questions from the audience. The session was a very interactive and informative session. The entire team was extremely accommodating of any questions that the audience had. They discussed various issues about creating content, copyright issues, payment system and patience to run a YouTube channel.