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DeerChautari Conducts Powerful Final Year Project Seminar

By Amun Kharel

Photo: President Sameer Koirala at Powerful Final Year Project Seminar All Photos By: Navaraj Kharel

The DeerChautari Club of Deerwalk Institute of Technology conducted a seminar on Powerful Final Year Projects on 22nd August, 2015 with the objective of making BSc. CSIT students aware about the importance of final year projects. The program mainly focused on the pre-requisites for the final year projects, which included both coding and documentation.

Students from the senior year and some students from junior year presented their final year projects and shared their experience regarding the matter. Anish Thakuri from junior year gave a presentation on his final year project on Digital Notification system. Following his presentation, another student from the same batch, Abhishek Gupta, discussed Software Requirements Specification and gave his clear idea on the subject matter. The program was shortly interrupted due to heavy rain and inaudible voice. But after that, the program carried on from the students of the senior batches sharing some of their experiences and complications faced while carrying out their final year projects.

Moreover, Anil Shrestha, student from the senior year of DWIT, focused on the importance of having knowledge of programming language, database and front end as the basic foundation for the final year project, “You should get started from day one with a clear idea, documentation should be regularly written and edited with the help of Project Supervisor, and proper co-ordination is required for an effective final year project.” Another experienced senior year student, Sameer Shrestha, focused by saying, “Don’t directly jump into coding. You should go on your own pace and you must be regular.” A few other senior year students added to the subject matter.

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The program was equally focused for both the students from DWIT and outside DWIT, but only two students outside DWIT appeared in the program. One of them shared his take on the program and his experience with the final year project.

Sameer Koirala, President of the Chautari Club, ended the program by discussing the key takeaways of the program. The program which was partly affected by rain and lack of external participation, but the sharing of genuine experiences from students of senior and junior years and was effective for students of DWIT in order to get a kick-start on their respective final year projects.