Wed, 17 Apr, 2024

DeerAwards: The First of its Kind

By Shila Parajuli

Photo: DeerAwards Winners Photo Courtesy: Navaraj Kharel

Fest does not always mean singing, dancing and eating. It means a lot more than that. This time Deerfest was totally different. Some of the students came up with really interesting idea. “DeerAwards” has set a new benchmark in the history of Deerfest. It was one of the most funny part of the fest. Students were overwhelmed with joy.

There were 16 different titles. The list of titles with respective winners are:

The laziest person: Couch Potato Gaurav Thapa, Second Semester 

The silent person: The Mute Prabin Rai, Fourth Semester

Flirt: The Mack-Man Prasiddha Khadka, Second Semester

Talkative: Blabbermouth Prabina Neupane, Sixth Semester

Blunderer: Butterfingers (whose fingers slip while writing e-mails) Bijaya Shrestha, Academic Coordinator As a response to the title he had received, he said, "This shows that I write a lot of emails!"

Always eats: Foodie Raman Maharjan, Second Semester

The geek: Braniac Subigya Kumar Nepal, Fourth Semester

Chubby: Roly-Poly Kundan Sumsher Rana, Sixth Semester

Love-Birds Ashimita Thapa and Shibesh Duwadi

Drama King/Queen: Melodramatic Barsha Dahal, Fourth Semester She happily received the title and thanked the audience in a dramatic way.

Skinny: The Skeleton Subigya Kumar Nepal, Fourth Semester

Tallest one: The Giraffe Aayush Manandhar, Second Semester

Shortest one: The Potato Asmita Subedi, Fourth Semester She left the stage giving a funny remark, "Don't be a potato, eat potato!"

Extremely fun and exciting : The Crunk Bidur Banstola, Fourth Semester He made the audience feel that he is really worth the title. He was the one who gave the most interesting  speech when receiving the title.

Comedian : The Clown Sandesh Sharma, Sixth Semester

All the audience in the hall enjoyed DeerAwards and everyone was guessing the name of the winners for the titles available. There was a different aura of fun shrouding the room during the presentation of awards.

The organizers said, “We wanted to add up fun element to the program and yes, the students' reaction added more fun to our idea. However, we were disappointed with some students who criticized the idea.”

A majority of the audience are waiting for another session of DeerAwards.