Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Deer Quiz Conducted as an Opening Program of Deerfest

By Aasha Poudel

Photo: Team Bananana giving response to a quiz question Photo Courtesy: Navaraj Kharel

On 13th September, a quiz was conducted by the DeerExpress Club as an opening program for the “Deerfest 2015”.

 The quiz started at around 10:30 am. In total, there were five groups with four members each.

The team’s names were:

  1. Team Panda
  2. Team Bananana
  3. Team Bass
  4. Team 2015
  5. Team Gollum

There were 4 rounds of quiz:

  1. General Round
  2. Topic Round
  3. Buzzer Round
  4. Rapid Fire Round

The quiz went on for almost two hours. The winning team was Team Gollum.

The Vice President of DeerExpress Club, Barsha Dahal, said, “The event was not as interesting as I had expected it to be, may be because we were told to finish off the quiz program within one and half hour. But the questions we made were surely good enough to grab the audience's attention. Many students weren't present, hence due to less participation of the audience the program couldn’t be conducted as expected. But our club gave its best in order to make the quiz interesting!”

One of the audiences, Shila Parajuli,  said, “The program was well conducted. However, the questions were not focused on General Knowledge. I felt that it was more like a movie contest. Also, I think it would have been good if the questions were not repeated in Rapid Fire.”

Nevertheless, the audience present in the hall were enjoying themselves. The program ended after handing the prizes to the winners.

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