Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Performances in Deer Fest

By Sushant Gurung

Deerwalk Institute of Technology celebrated their first college festival, “Deer Fest”, on 24th August. Everybody was happy throughout the event. Students came up with songs and dances, which was then followed by mo:mo party and games. The fest kicked off with everyone signing the national anthem. Then, Ruby and friends performed a welcome dance to welcome all the audiences who were present. They presented their talent on a mixed song. Similarly other groups Anju and friends, Sanjay and friends, Alan and friends also presented their dancing talent on mixed songs. Ashmita Kunwar performed her solo dance which made everyone at the back get on their feet and dance. Some students came up with a dance in a completely different genre, a Spanish song. All the dances were nicely choreographed and also well performed. collage A musical ambience filled the fest as students also showcased their singing talents. Bipin Poudel sang the songs “All of Me” and “Bistari Bistari”. He later accompanied Nikita Gautam on guitar for the song “Parelima” by 1974 A.D. Anmol Shrestha and Umang Gurung presented their own solo performances on wonderful songs like “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Hey there Delilah” by Plain White T’s respectively. Aswin Aryal sang a melodious song of Narayan Gopal with the help of a track. Barsha Dahal gave a mesmerizing performance and was accompanied by Arun Amatya on guitar for the song, “Basma chaina mero man”. A surprise performance was given by Anil Lama, Sushant Gurung and Pratik Budhathoki on three songs. Another performance stunned the audience when Mr Hitesh Karki and Mr Surendra Adhikari sang a couple of songs in dedication to the employees of DWIT. Barsha Dahal, Rojina Karki and Shreha Regmi sang a trio on the song “Gotta be Love” by Astha Tamang Maskey. In the finale, Bardan, Umang, Rishav and Anmol performed a parody dance on the song “I want it that way” by Backstreet Boys. The dance was a perfect end to an unforgettable event as the audiences came on stage to accompany the group which turned into a dance party.