Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Deer Express, DLS and DWIT News Jointly Organize Special Debate Session

By Sweekriti Gautam

Sabina Shrestha and Giriraj Khatri receiving prize for securing the first position                                        Photo: Documentary, Movie and Dramatics
On June 30, 2017, Deer Express Club in collaboration with Deerwalk Literature Society, and DWIT News conducted a Special Debate Session. Documentary, Movie, and Dramatics were the media partners for the event. In this debate, the British Parliamentary Style was followed.  The participants were divided into two sides, the government side and the opposition side. Each side had two teams with two members in each team. On each side, there was an opening team and the closing team.  The members of each team were given the position as The Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Leader of Opposition, Member of the Government and Member of Opposition. The topic for the debate was "नेपालीहरुले गोर्खाभूमिको माग  गर्नु उचित" The debate was conducted in Nepali. Though this session was quite longer than the previous sessions, the audience seemed to enjoy the session. The audience had a strong feeling of patriotism which made the session more exciting. The hall was filled with cheers, laughs, and applauds which highly motivated the participants. Some of the arguments made by the participants gave goose bumps. Mandip Prasai and Tejas Pant from the opponent side were declared the runner-up for the event and Sabina Shrestha and Giriraj Khatri from the Government were declared as the winner. The event was followed with a final comment by Dr. Rudra Pandey, CEO of Deerwalk Group Ltd. He provided some tips to the participants for the debate. Overall, the session was interesting as the most trending topic was debated in this session. The participants gave strong arguments on their topic which persuaded the audience. DWIT News would like to congratulate the winning team.