Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Deer Express Club Host Data Science Meetup

By Giriraj Khatri

Photo: DeerExpress Club
Data is very valuable for any firm or an organization. In order to pass this message, Deer Express Club organized a talk program with Dr. Basanta Dhungana where computer science students and c0mputer engineers from the valley were present. Dr. Dhungana got his doctorate from the University of Illinois in applied economics and applied econometrics. The person with a decade long experience of working in data science and machine learning in fortune companies like Apple Inc., Nestle Inc. and Hewlett Packard Corporation and enterprises talked to the audience for about 120 minutes. He started his talk by describing his experience while working with data and how data interested him. In his talk, he also described various types of database management system and their usability and their efficiency. He also passed the message on various emerging technologies to manage the databases. In addition to the technologies, Dr. Dhungana also gave a general idea on different languages that were used to program the databases. This part of the talk was very interesting as he related all these to his work environment and tried to give a real view of how big data were handled. There was also a description of the values of data and how data can be used to simplify life and solve a complex problem. Every sentence that he spoke was verified by his experience while working for the fortune 500 companies. There was also encouragement for the participants to give interest to data by informing that they would have highly prospective and lucrative career prospects in data science.  “I am a data scientist and living a very good life. You are young and engagement in Data science can make you rich”, answered Dr. Dhungana when the question “Can I be rich working in data science?” was passed by a participant. There was also time for the audience to enquire the data scientist and there was numerous question asked. Dr. Basanta was successful in generating curiosity among the audience. The session ended with Dr. Rudra Pandey – chairman of Deerwalk Group of Companies giving a token of love to the speaker and appreciating his presence. There was also refreshment serve to the participants after the program.