Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

Dear Acid Attacker

By Asmita Subedi

Dear Acid Attacker, Thank you! What can I say more than that? Thank you for your wonderful Vaitika and Rakhshyabandan gift. I am grateful to have brothers as you. I was very ugly and no one ever looked at me lovingly before that day and now I have turned into a beautiful girl whom the whole world is watching. Thank you for letting me get introduced to the world. Had I just read the boring chemistry lessons and simplified the balanced chemical reactions, I had not realized that chemical reaction as such could be experimented upon me. Thanks to your wonderful experiment on me, finally I have turned blue and black. My face is disfigured and my abdomen, legs and chest are no longer the same. And nothing will ever be the same. That experience! Wow! How can I ever share it with you? Everyone is watching me and feeling pity but I just wish I could tell everyone to stop glaring at such beautiful lady. I am having pretty good time that probably you all might get jealous about. Finally I am getting a great bed rest and several sleeping hours that I had lost for several days studying till midnight. I am glad that this happened to me and I can finally rejoice my whole days and nights sleeping and dreaming beautiful dreams that I fear will ever be fulfilled now. Tears of happiness roll down from my eyes continuously all day and I wonder had I ever been such happy till date? Had I ever had such magnificent and memorable moment? I heard that you are still hiding your cold real face. Oh Come on!! Don’t you think you should unveil yourself and accept the reward for your bravery? Everyone here is waiting for you. Don’t worry! ‘All THANKS!’ to the laws of our country. Even if you get caught, you have got to enjoy your free food in jail just for four months and spend little money for your mindful and kind act. I am so sorry that I couldn’t arrange some good living provisions for you in return to what you gave me. I still have doubts that will you ever get what you deserve or not? But don’t you ever think that experimenting with acid on someone is too cheap; I shall make you pay for what you deserve. Prior to this, I may not be so serious about what I’ll do in my future but now I am determined to reach my destination no matter how hard it might be for me. People may find it difficult to face me and even mock at me but I shall not accept my defeat and I shall fight back till I win. I will let the world see that I am stronger than a chemical; it may disfigure me but not my dreams and hopes. And all thanks to you for bringing such determination and enthusiasm in me. Finally, stay safe; eat well, sleep well and rest well, until someone catches you. Maybe, you mightn’t remember me but how can I forget you my dear brother? So I shall meet you in coming days. Hope to meet you soon cause I have lots to ask you; what wrong had I done to you? What was my fault? See you then. Bye!!

The Result of your chemical experiment,

From the Hospital’s Bed!