Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Dashain Vibes

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

DWIT News wishes everyone Happy Dashain! May you and your family have a wonderful time together.

We have collected some Dashain Vibes. Have a read!

I am excited to go home after a long gap, but there’s this fuel crisis that’s bugging me. I am dubious as to whether I can go home or not. However, I am still waiting for the day when I’ll reach home and enjoy. Ankit Pradhan, 2nd Year Student, DWIT

Dashain, this year, doesn't feel like Dashain. The vibe hasn't arrived yet. Maybe it’s because of the current situation of Nepal. I could not go home due to fuel crisis. I think this year people are more focused on surviving the fuel crisis rather than celebrating Dashain. This year's Dashain does not seem to be reviving. Neesha Dhungana, 2nd Year Student, DWIT

Dashain simply doesn't feel like Dashain this time. The conflict in the country, lack of everything, and no plans of going out whatsoever has sucked the dashain vibe right out of the festival. This Dashain shall be enjoyed as a holiday, a break more than the coveted festival. Avusaan Gautam , 2nd Year Student, DWIT

#ruslan#blacklabel#cigar#changa#masu Pratibh Acharaya, 4th Year Student, DWIT

Going home after a long time, spending quality time with family, gathering of relatives while cutting goat, eating goat meat with coke & pepsi is all that I’ve got in mind. Sagar Giri, 3rd Year Student, DWIT

This Dashain, I will be spending my time with my family. It has been long enough that I haven't ate home food; I shall be enjoying home foods this Dashain. I am planning to visit 'Bhedetar', one of the tourist destination in upper part of Dharan. I have heard a lot about it from my peers. Meanwhile, in my free time, I shall accompany myself with reading books that have collected so far. Abhishek Gupta, 3rd Year Student, DWIT

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