Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Dashain Travels

By Aakankshya Shrestha

Photo: Erinanne Lynch
Dashain is meant to be celebrated with family and friends, which means a majority of people leave for their home during this season. With the start of Dashain festival, the flow of the citizens leaving Kathmandu is increasing. Most people start traveling from the seventh day of Dashain, Fulpati, to join their families back home. Already a large number of people have left Kathmandu valley after Ghatasthapana and the numbers are only expected to rise. A total of 94,340 people left the valley on the first day of Dashain, 107,078 on the second and 111,734 on the third. The numbers are estimated to rise up to two million by the Traffic Police Division. The safety of the travelers is a major concern during this season. Sometimes the transportation tickets prices rise drastically. This season, the government has made a mandatory rule for transport entrepreneurs to employ two drivers for long route vehicles, which will play an important role in preventing accidents. The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has established passenger help desks in 12 places to facilitate the travelers. The help desks will help in regulating traffic. Along with that, traffic police have arrested around 30 people for double ticketing and overcharging the passengers for the tickets. For people who stay at Kathmandu valley during the Dashain holidays a conspicuous change in the environment is felt. A massive number of people leaving the town makes the city loose a considerable source of traffic and noise. Safe travels and happy Dashain everyone!