Sun, 26 May, 2024

Dahi Chiura in the 15th?

By Shreha Regmi

We all know about eating Dahi Chiura and Kheer in Asadh 15th and Shrawan 15th, right? Have we ever wondered why is it that we should be eating these foods only in these days? What I mean is that we can eat them whenever we like, but these days hold a special significance for these foods. I find it really amusing when my mother goes to the market and returns with Dahi, also known as Curd, in her hand during these two days only with a purpose of abiding to a ritual thas has been in practice since long time back. In our culture and tradition, there are certain days that hold special meaning. These days ought to be celebrated in a certain way, in a way that has been in practice since the time of our ancestors. Nepal, being an agricultural country, is full of farmers. Our ancestors were farmers who sowed crops in the beginning of monsoon which happens to be during Asadh. Having to play in muds, they were vulnerable to gastrointestinal problems. Eating Dahi Chiura was a preferable solution to prevent such problems. Dahi is full of beneficial bacteria that help in solving gastrointestinal problems. This fact has been medically proven. And Chuira, known as beaten rice, is a unique method of preservation of rice in Nepal. The rice is boiled, drained, beaten and then air dried. This process removes the starch and the infectious bacteria present. When every farmer is busy sowing crops into mud, their wives prepare curd and beaten rice to feed to their husbands and their sons. And one special thing, sugar is added into the Dahi Chiura to protect it from unnecessary bacteria. Chiura is preferred because it soaks up the moisture from the Dahi and satisfies our appetite even with a small amount. People nowadays celebrate Asadh 15th as Ropayani Mahotsav, with programs and feasts. Getting to know the meaning behind a day and it’s relationship with the food is really great. So, no worries if you are eating Dahi Chiura early in the morning. It’s our ancestral tradition and also good for our stomach. No worries. We’ll get into the next 15th the next time. For now, enjoy your Dahi Chiura people. Happy eating! :)