Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

DWIT Hiking Club Organizes Cycling

By Anish Thakuri

Photo Courtesy: The Hiking Club On 21st Feburary 2015, DWIT Hiking club organized a first ever cycling event in the history of DWIT.  13 students of DWIT went for the cycling, which was led by Rojina Shrestha, the vice president of Hiking Club. Every cyclist had to manage their own bicycle. The route of the cycling was set from Bhugmati - Daksinkail - Kirtipur. It took almost 10 hours for the cyclist to reach their goal. All the cyclists gathered at Pulchowk at around 8:30 AM. Then they formally begin their journey. They first headed towards Bhaisipati. Initially, every cyclist rode in a group but not all of the cyclist could maintain the same pace. So they began to disintegrate into experienced, semi experienced and amateurs. At around 10 AM they reached Bhugmati. After a half hour ride from Bhugmati, they reached ‘RatoMachindraNath’ temple. It was full of the art & sculpture from ancient period. They took some photos and had some snacks. Then they moved ahead. Now their path was surrounded by mesmerizing scenery. The cyclists were captivated by the greenery scene of mustard fields. But the roads were full of gravel so some of our cyclists experienced some difficulties to ride their bicycles. Nonetheless, everyone was able to cross the Suspension bridge of Bugmati River. Then they reached a place called ‘Bansbari’. The cheerful energy that filled the cyclists at the initial stages of the trip seemed to fade away as the path of Bansbari was extremely difficult than most of them had anticipated. No one was capable enough to ride their bicycles on that track.  So every cyclist pulled their bicycles for almost an hour. At around noon, they finally reached a place called ‘Bhanghyanj’.  Some of our cyclists repaired their cycle in the workshop nearby. Then they moved towards the Daksinkali temple. By this time everyone was very tired. Finally, at around 1:30 PM, the cyclist reached Daksinkali temple.  Since it was a Saturday, so there was the big queue of people. They decided not to join the queue. After having some light foods they decided to turn back and come home. At around 2: 30 PM they headed back towards the Kirtipur.  The downhill path made their journey easier while returning.  They reached Kirtipur at 4:30 PM. Then they had their lunch at Kuleshwor. After spending an hour, cyclists returned back into their home.