Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Cycling for a Cause

By Ashmita Kunwar

There are different events going on in the city with an aim to help people suffering from many problems. If you really want to do something or help people, there is always a way. You can help in any possible way if you want to help from your heart. Our country is a developing country; it is in the state of moving upwards. There are many problems in our country that leads to many problems for the citizens, especially the financially poor from the secluded parts of the country. Landslide is one of the main natural  disasters that takes place every year  in Nepal killing hundreds of people and displacing thousands of people from their homes, property, family everything. This year also thousands of people lost everything they had and are in dire need of help. Because of the landslide, flood victims are deprived from many necessary things in life. There are many organizations who are conducting many events for landslide victims. With an aim to help the landslide and flood victims for the sustainable light facility system, an event called “Cycling for a Cause” is going to be organized in the city by an organization called Ujyalo Foundation. Many organizations are helping in different ways; here this organization, with this event, is aiming to help the victims by providing electricity system, which is crucial. Providing lighting system in each home will reduce their suffering and provide strength to live and struggle further in their life. 'Cycling for a Cause' is going to take place on 22ND November, from 7 AM to 10 AM. Location is yet to be decided. To participate in the event you need to register your name by paying Rs. 200 per person. In this event, people will not only donate on their own, but also pledge other people to donate for the victims. Bicyclers need to collect at least RS 2500 for a single household. If you can do cycling than just don’t do it for your passion, do it to help people who are deprived from small little requirements in their life. Be the one who can proudly say “I took part in the cycling to help people, not to win the race."