Sat, 02 Dec, 2023

The Crisis in Ukraine

By Bimal Gaire

What is wrong with this world? There are stories every day about the crisis in the world. People are fighting with each other; thousands of lives are being destroyed every day. We often hear the news of homicide and the number of lives it took. The world is in chaos and even the peaceful nations are dragged into violence. Middle East is never getting back to where it was before. International media is very busy these days, courtesy of the rebellion movement in Ukraine. Ukraine, a country located in the northern hemisphere near Russia is suffering from a major revolt. It is getting serious attention from the international community. It all started because of the Crimean crisis. Russia took over the control of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. This caused a lot of tension between the nations. Ukrainian military troops were withdrawn from Crimea. Many people were killed during this process and the situation is getting worse after that. The movement is strongest near eastern Ukraine where the rebels have a strong command. Dozens of people are already dead because of this rebel movement. Things are getting even worse. Politics has eaten the world up there. People are considered as things and their security is not guaranteed at all. The clash between the police and the demonstrators is going on. And several cases of an attack against the police have been registered. Ukrainian army had launched an anti-terrorist operation to oust the separatist from the Donetsk Airport in which 40 were killed by combat jets, helicopters and the deployed airborne troops. On 29th May, a military helicopter in Ukraine was shut down by Pro-Russian rebels, killing 14 soldiers including a general. President Petro Poroshenko has vowed to punish the culprits. He has also confirmed that he will continue the army offensive in the East. There have been many attacks in the past few weeks. The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, has some disturbing sites. It has turned into a war zone. Tires are being burned down and people are on the streets protesting against the government. Many people are being arrested and seriously injured in the protest. President of Russia, Vladmir Putin has agreed to talks with Ukraine but insists military action against separatists must stop immediately. He has also agreed upon withdrawing the Russian forces from Ukraine. But, these nations are not negotiating on the terms put forward by each other. It has caused a great deal of confusion and because of this, the death toll is rising. A wave has started in the world and it has blown many nations with it. There were times when the world used to be beautiful place. Mankind has forgotten its social values and norms. The civilization is collapsing. Let’s hope it’s not too late to go back where we were before. Let’s pray, one day this will all be over and we will again live with peace and harmony.