Tue, 30 May, 2023


By Iris Raj Pokharel

Nepal is a country with great diversity, a great belief and yes, a great fascination for every Nature lover. It is a country that has been going through real bad times at present context.

Whenever a child is born into a society, he starts off with a dream of being an element of the society that serves a purpose. But by the time he grows up, his dream is shattered. He is either bound by poverty or by the unnecessary pressure that our society creates. A youth with great qualification and dedication tries to do something for the country but he does not get the appropriate platform and hence searches for opportunities abroad.

The truth is always bitter and according to the current scenario, we have now started living in a blind fate.  Nepalese, who have always been proud of their country, are now forced to doubt on their existence. A country which takes years and years to implement a constitution, where female participation is always abused just because of their gender, where you get quality education when you are born a boy or born rich.  There is a dark side in every field you get in but it’s up to you to come up strong.

Nepal has been declared a secular state according to the constitution 2072 but people still discriminate on religion. There is no stability in governance since the demise of late Girija Prasad Koiral . Revolution of 2062 and end of monarch marked a great achievement back then and expectations were only made higher after Maoist took up the government securing highest seats in election . And yet we are lacking in every prospect. Leaders are experienced here but what is lacking is a feeling of team work.

In the present context of Nepal, the economic blockade created by India has challenged many innocent lives. A country that just came up stronger after facing a great earthquake has suffered yet another problem. Life was just getting easy after those dark nights and everyone was hoping for a clearer sunshine but instead of sunshine, we got another trauma in its place. We have seen or felt great co-operation among the citizens but what we are actually lacking is a bold step from our present government. It is the sole responsibility of a country’s government to keep the pot boiling or easing the problem we face. Had it been something about the country being small, Cuba, a country smaller than Nepal once faced such a blockade from the USA but it never gave up and now it is one of the major grossing countries. We might have experienced leaders but none are an inspiration.

We have all the factors that a country needs to uplift its condition but we never care. We never take an initiation to develop these matter or never have a zeal of doing something for our country. Being a citizen we need to understand that it is either all of us or none of us. Well, it is never easy to be a responsible citizen. You need to work very hard or give your best to set up a prosperous nation. Every one dreams of living a prosperous life in developed nation but they never go through to learn from the struggle they face in this process. Life is never easy and one needs to come out of the comfort zone if they really want to be a precious gem of the country. Youths need to work for this. Remember, Canada would never have achieved success if leaders like Justin Trudeau never came in action.

Being optimistic is the main key to success. If you get afraid of dark clouds, you’ll never know what the silver lining in the cloud is. Making a long story short, I suggest every youth to get back to the drawing board and feel the happiness of hitting the nail right on the head.

Iris Raj Pokharel is a student currently studying in DWIT