Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

30 Socially Responsible Nepalese Organized “Cook in Street” Campaign

By Ruby Shrestha

23rd November 2015 Chabahil, Kathmandu

A group of 30 socially responsible Nepalese citizens organized “Cook in Street” campaign in order to depict that Nepalese aren’t going to fall down on their knees no matter what. The campaign was a satire on the face of Modi led Indian government which is responsible for Nepal-India border blockade and is responsible for the problems that Nepalese are currently facing.

Pankaj K.C., representing DWIT Social Service club, was one of the members of the organizing committee. He said, “This campaign is to remind Modi about Gandhigiri. Nepalese are strong. They shall choose to find alternatives rather than beg for help in front of unhelpful neighbor India.”

The number of participants increased from 30 to 250 as the campaign continued. The campaign which started at around 8 AM ended after four hours. The first day of campaign was a success. The organizers said that they shall continue with the campaign. The next day of the campaign will hopefully be on Saturday.

Pictures By: Pankaj K.C.

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