Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

Are the Construction Works in Progress Causing Difficulties to the Students?

By Aasha Poudel

Art By: Sneha Parajuli

Nowadays, there are construction works going on in the DWIT premises. Old buildings are being demolished and new ones are going to be made soon. With construction activities in progress, the surrounding is filled with noises coming from the construction works.

DWIT News decided to ask the students if they have been undergoing any difficulties or problems as a result of the construction activities.

"The construction works are definitely hampering the daily lives of the students and the employees of DWIT and Deerwalk Services. The entire area around the building being demolished is a potential danger zone. Rubble, stones, bricks could fall down any minute. This creates a dangerous study as well as work environment for all. 

All this demolition work is disturbing the classes as well. It needs to either stop or done in an organized way or postponed till the weekends. The weekdays are reserved for the students and the employees. Also, since this is admission season for DWIT, it could make the potential students turn away and lessen the student's interest in the college. So, the disturbance needs to be managed and the surrounding area needs to be sealed off till the building is razed to the ground." – Kundan Shumsher Rana, 6th semester student at DWIT

“Mostly, I don't find it to be disturbing but sometimes the constant noises are a pain.”  – Prakriti Shree Tuladhar, 2nd semester student at DWIT

“Yes, sometimes it is very disturbing when they make a loud noise especially when using electronic machines and hammer. This makes it difficult for us to understand what the teacher is saying.” – Anju Shahi, 6th semester student at DWIT

“In some way or the other, the construction works going on here is causing disturbance. Especially when the regular classes are going on and it’s too noisy outside. Well, on the bright side the construction is done for good and our own safety.” – Sharun Sangat, 4th semester student at DWIT

“Yes, the construction works going on in the DWIT premises is disturbing our classes. The sound from the tin sheets and other machinery is causing disturbance. So, I think the construction works should be done after 5 pm or during the holidays. Hope administration takes note of this disturbance.” – Raman Maharjan, 2nd semester student at DWIT

“Yes, of course it is causing some problem to the students as it sometimes becomes really difficult to concentrate on the classes when such noises are present in the surrounding. This is a big problem. It is true that some can concentrate in such irritating situations and some cannot. And those who cannot concentrate when exposed to such conditions end up affecting their academic performance." – Shreyansh Lodha, 2nd semester student at DWIT