Fri, 24 May, 2024

Company's Take on DWIT Job Fair 2017

By Shreya Sapkota

During the DWIT Job Fair, held on May 26, 2017, Shreya Sapkota from the DWIT News interviewed some of the company representatives. They were asked to describe their company, required skills of a prospective employee and their opinion on the event. And their replies are as follows: Aqore Software Company is a US based company which was recently established in Nepal. They were looking for people with the basic IT knowledge, organizational skill, interpersonal skills, and behavioral skills – skills that will help groom their company. “This event is an important one. It filters out the gap between company and clients. It creates an open platform so events like these should be encouraged so that students can learn more.” -Rojash Shakya, company representative Bajra Technologies was established in 2009, based on US company called Bajra Technology LLC. They have mainly US based clients so far. They were looking for candidates with logical knowledge and flexibility with the programming languages as per as the circumstance. “Since Deerwalk is a renowned name, they expected people with both professional and freshers. This being the first job fair they attended, they were impressed with the turnouts.” -Sandesh Karmacharya, company representative Bikas Udyani is a non-profit organization, established in a developing sector targeting the young generation. It is also called social innovation hub. It is not an IT company. It is currently working on content writing and data entry. They were basically focusing on innovative people with creative ideas. “DWIT Job Fair was a very impressive event, with good flow and a nice turnout.” -Gyanendra Neupane, company representative Deerwalk Services is a US based company which works on big data. They believe that the candidates should have the three criteria’s—excel at whatever they do, have a deep desire to learn and must smile. “I was expecting students and professionals—I see a lot of students but I would have loved to see some professionals too. I think this is a good initiative, this is a great opportunity for new graduate and people looking for jobs.” -Nizu Dahal, company representative Grow by data, currently, in its third year has a major market interest in small to medium size business in e-commerce. They help the client to find new data or product move them from one platform to another platform and find pricing detail. They were looking for candidates with logical reasoning. “I think it’s a good event, such events should be organized time and again. It’s a good way to gather talented people as it’s a growing industry.”                                                                 -Subrat Khanal, company representative Honey guide is travel-trek based IT company. It merges tech and tourism, it promotes and provides information about their destination. Their ongoing targets are flight booking and lodging for tourists. They were looking for people with content writing skills, front-end development knowledge, and digital marketing skills. “DWIT Job Fair is an event happening for the first time and has been managed smoothly with no rush.” -Diwakar Ghimire, company representative IT Nepal is one of the oldest IT company in Nepal. It was established 20 years back. They deal with ERP, with flagship system called DOERP. They are also planning to go global by opening branches in Singapore and Malaysia. They were looking for candidates with technical knowledge. “It is a good event but I would have preferred to have met with people with more experience. I was expecting a bit more experienced professionals but most were interns and recent graduates.” -Pramod Paudel, company representative KDC (Kantipur Digital Corp) is a venture of Kantipur Media Group. It is digitalizing the publication Kantipur television, radios in e-Kantipur app and website. They also have YouTube channels called EK channel where they upload news and shows. They look for the candidates with a basic knowledge, learning attitude and teamwork skills.  “This event is a very innovative event. It helps to fulfill the gap among student and the company.” -Sunaina Shrestha, company representative Leapfrog Technology is a US based company which works on technology solutions, the web and mobile platform. It outsources from the US and its sales is mainly through the US. The skills they were looking for are technical and behavioral. “We wanted to interact with freshers and know their expectations and skills. Events like these should be carried on. The gap between the industry and academics is bridged through events like these.” -Balbhadra Maharjun, company representative Logpoint is a European based company which works on log analytics based product. Logpoint has different departments including security analytics, technical writing, security and analytics and so on. They were looking for good people, talented people, tenacious and someone who can look out of the box. “We are growing field so we want to make people aware about our presence, which is our motive of participating in this event. The positive part of this event is that candidates are aware of what they are participating at. DWIT college being able to bring multiple company in same platform has contributed in maturity and socialization of IT industry. Logpoint really appreciates this event.” -Barsha Bistha, company representative mDev Solution is also a US based company which works on software development. They are presently working on PHP. They are looking for people interested in JAVA and PHP. “We have collected a lot of CVs and we are really impressed. This is a really good approach and beneficial for students, they’ll learn about companies and all the major things.” -Namrata Koirala, company representative NIRC (National Incubation Research Center) is the first incubation research center which has recently been established. Their head office is located in Punchwork. They were looking for candidates with knowledge on Java and basic HTML and CSS. “DWIT Job Fair is a good event. It should be organized again and again. This helps IT company and IT students to find scopes and clear confusions.” -Abhishek Adhikari, company representative Pioneer Solutions is a subsidiary company of Pioneer solution LLC USA. They are working on providing product and services in the energy sector, risk managing the sector and environment regulatory sector. They were looking for people who were eager to learn new things. “It is a very important event. It helped in the interaction between the prospective employee and company and was a nice experience. We would like to thank the managing team for organizing this event and we will continue participating in this event in future.” -Kabi Raj Awasthi, company representative Rosebay was established in 2014. It started as an IT company but now it is a consulting company. They used to outsource the software development part but now they are venturing into having their own software developing team. The skills they were looking for were the motivation that the participants have, attitude, their willingness to learn new thing and work the extra mile. “Actually, it has met our expectation, I didn’t expect these many people would be coming in our booth as we are relatively a new company. It is a pretty good event, we are very excited to be here and we are planning to join next year as well, probably we will be able to hire much more people then.” -Sulav Shrestha, company representative Seva Development is an IT company located in Lamjung, which is established to develop and promote the local communities. They are planning to develop local communities through means so people don’t have to leave their hometown for employment. They are looking for people with communicational skill and technical skill. “It is very hard to get manpower since we are located in Lamjung. I am very thankful for DWIT Job Fair as it had helped us promote our company and helped us to reach out to people.”  -Nitesh Kayastha, company representative Site Hawk is a youth-initiated company.  It provides monitoring services. It monitors websites and provides solutions to the problems of the site if any. They were looking for candidates with determination and interest to learn something new. “It is an opportunity for us to get along with other youths and know about their idea and knowledge, that is the main thing we can get from DWIT Job Fair.” -Adish Shrestha, company representative Smart Mobe solution is a private company which has its subsidiary company in Finland and USA. They focus on mobile app development and services. They are looking for people with coding skills, organizational behavior, and ethic. “We are very positive about this event and had heard about this event from the beginning.” -Ritu Goyal, company representative Vianet was established in 1999. It pioneered in introducing fiber optics. They were looking for good people to hire for their company. They preferred smart people with good qualification and technical skills. “This event should be organized on a regular basis, so that company could get a platform to hire people and candidates a platform to be hired.” -Sudhanshu Chandrasah, company representative