Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Most Common Applications For Earthquake Info

By Sabin Pathak

[gallery ids="7035,7036,7037,7038"] “Did you feel the last aftershock?” Everyone is shouting for it. Someone might have missed the temblor but there are different applications that miss out on nothing.

Most of Nepalese are still in fear because of the continued aftershocks till now. People are busy going through different websites and mobile applications that continuously update them with the latest earthquake information. They can find different information regarding when and with which epicenter the earthquake had taken place. There is not only a single mobile application or a single website that gives information about the earthquake; They are available in huge numbers. People use different applications according to their preference.

Some applications that Nepalese used and still use the most to access information about earthquake after the most devastating earthquake on 25th April are listed below:


This is the official government site of Nepal that gives the detailed information about the earthquake that has recently gone in Nepal. Most of the people use this site because it is reliable and accurate.

Dipesh Bhandari, a student at DWIT, said, “I use this site to get information because this is a government site and so it is reliable.”

As the site server cannot handle a lot of network traffics, this site usually gets crashed right after the small shake is felt.

2. Earthquake Alert

This is one of the application through which one can access the information about the earthquake of magnitude 1.0+ from America and magnitude of 4.5+ from all over the world. This application has been provided with different features like Click quake to view on map, View details on USSG site, Satellite Map view and share to social media. We can see a lot of people using this application. A user who is using this application said, “I use Earthquake Alert because it is on the top of the page while I searched the mobile application related to earthquake.”

3. Latest-Quakes

This application gives the latest earthquake information from all over the world. There is the feature to view the last 7 days of earthquakes in a list or on a map. The information is frequently updated and also asks if the user has felt the quake. Although there is no alerts and notifications feature many people are using this application. Sameer Koirala, a user of this application said,” I am using this application because there are more additional features such as we can see every details of the earthquake more clearly than in others.”

4. USGS Earthquake Data

This application is very familiar among the people. There are a large number of users of this application. This application provides quick, on the go access to the USGS earthquake database through RSS feed. Some of the data included are magnitude, location, depth, warnings, etc. Public Domain Data is provided by the US Department of Interior. Basanta Tiwari, user of this application, said,” As the data updated in it is provided by the USGS, so the measure is based on the new technology. So I still use this application.”

So, which application do you use? Share your experience with us.