Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Come on!! Let’s Fight Against This Biased World

By Asmita Subedi

I was born crying. :’( :’( :’( Every child cries in a pretty same way when they come into this world, isn’t it? They cry the same tears and the pain that every mother bears is the same. Or is it that the pain bore for conceiving and giving birth to a son is different than that of a daughter? Nobody can argue on this and it’s the same in the entire universe. If so why this disparity? Why this biasness? Had I realized that the outside world was this biased I wouldn’t have probably come out of the warm womb of my dear mom. I would be growing up happily sailing across the wide ocean of love and motherhood inside my mom. Sounds funny right? But it’s the sarcastic truth that every girl child feels in this world. To one’s amazement there are guidelines predefined for a girl before she is aware of it. She is bounded into a set of rules and regulations and is ordered to never cross that boundary.  She is ordered what to wear and what not to wear, how to speak, where and when to speak. The list goes on and on and it never ends. And now, we are even assigned vehicles to travel and seats to sit. Can't we have our own choice to do anything? It won't be shocking even when separate roads are paved and our paths are traced to walk on. Imagine a hotel or a mall only for women, a law house for female, an office for women employees, etc. Arrgh!! This sounds ridiculous. We all claim to be in the modernized world and talk about equal rights and orders. But on the contrary there are biased rules and systems introduced by the government itself. They claim these rules and orders are for the safety of women and reduction of crimes. But is this the correct solution? This seems that one is running away from the problem itself. Should we teach our sons and males to behave or should we order the female to follow these ridiculous systems? To hell with the rules and the regulations until and unless the mentality or rotten culture of every person isn’t changed. Seeing females always weak and regarding that male should be there to guide and protect them is simply a baseless mentality. These so-called reservations and blah blah or whatever it be for the women creates more disparity between male and female rather than reducing it. Voicing out against this disparity is necessary. Everyone should be treated equally and women should fight for their rights. Even males should help on removing the disparity rather than bounding and ordering their sisters, daughters and wives to act according to the ridiculous rules and systems. Change our self to bring change in the world. So, promise yourself that there are not any confined mentalities within us. Start the change from our own family and society. Accept the bold fact that being a girl is the matter of pride, not a reason for getting sympathy!!