Wed, 17 Apr, 2024


By Dipesh Poudel

Photo: Structure of an atom Photo Courtesy: Finally, we are able to make it happen. We made a microscope that can magnify things to the atomic level. With the aid of this microscope we can analyze the organization of molecules. We can see how protons, neutrons and electrons are positioned and how they behave within an atom. This is an amazing innovation in the area of scientific discipline especially in quantum mechanics. I am very excited because in a few seconds I will get to see through that microscope. I will see a whole new universe there. I will be able to see those small particles that made existence of everything in universe possible. Well, this is not what I thought I would see. I thought that I would see the colorful particles moving here and there in an atom but they are colorless. Everything in the universe is colorful thanks to these little particles. It is because of these atoms that we can see beautiful colors, from blue sky to white clouds, from green forest to white snow covered mountains. I don’t have any scientific theory to explain this phenomenon, but I think this represents human life. There are people who put their life on the line so that others can have a colorful life and in return they get nothing.