Tue, 30 May, 2023

College Life in Kathmandu

By Sabin Pathak

Everyone has their own aim. In order to achieve their aim, they have to pass through different stages of life. One of those phases  is student life which plays a vital role in building our careers. After passing their high school education, students get admitted to colleges with the hopes to enter in the horizon of their wish. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has a huge combination of various types of colleges. Here, students hail from not only inside the valley but as well as various parts of Nepal. Students studying in colleges are mature to some extent. It is a challenge for them to adjust their lives themselves. Our country is a developing country and many live in poverty Students from poor family backgrounds (especially from the outside of valley) have economic pressure,  so they need to search and handle a job parallel with their studies.  Kathmandu is a place not only with more facilities and opportunities but also rife with competition. So, living in a rented room, handling a job in competitive environment and studying in a parallel way is the challenge for everyone. Leaving for college early in the morning, then going to work and returning back to their room in the evening has become the way of living for such students. On the other hand, there is another group of students who are not taking their student life in a serious way. Such groups of students bunk classes telling their parents that they have attended the classes. We can see many students in college uniforms roaming around parks, zoo or any other place with their friends during class. They are used to go to movie theaters missing their classes. We can find other group of students who have bad habits of smoking or drinking. Most of them are in such bad habits because of peer pressure or their curiosity . They are taking their college life just as means to cheat their parents and enjoy themselves. Both  groups are not aware of their future. Sharing my experience, when I passed +2 from CHISCOL (Chitwan Science College), I decided to study MBBS. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to study MBBS with scholarship, and to study computers was my second choice. So, I decided to study B.Sc.CSIT at one of the reputed institutions- DWIT. Since I am from outside the valley, I have to adjust myself in the rented room. I have to leave towards college at about 7:45 A.M and return at 6 P.M. As I am alone at my room, I have to manage every household activity (like cooking, washing) myself along with my academic activities (like assignments, practical) which creates some difficulties in my college life. I cannot imagine what sort of difficulties I have to bear if I have to handle a job along as well. Talking about my college, DWIT, it discourages students who bunk their classes as it has own rules about attendance and wishes such rules must be implemented in every colleges. Kathmandu is home to a large number of students from various parts of our country, it is the great opportunity for the students studying here to learn new culture, traditions and many new things from their new friends from different places. Because of huge competition in Kathmandu, the environment teaches them the way to grow in a competitive environment. Kathmandu toughens you up and teaches you a few things about life, inside and outside of college.