Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

College Freshmen Share Their Experience and Expectations From DWIT

By Ashmita Thapa

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

Adapting in a completely new environment with entirely different sets of rules and regulations is tough. The students of the new batch have already experienced one week’s time at DWIT. Hence, giving continuation to the one question session of DWIT News, we asked some of the new students of DWIT to “share their experiences and expectations from DWIT”.

Their responses are quoted below:

 “It’s been only a week here. DWIT is a large platform to gain IT education. I like the DeerExpress session because it helps in building confidence in student while speaking in front of mass. I like different clubs at DWIT which helps student to involve in different sectors. So far, a week’s time at DWIT was nice. I hope it’s going to be great in the upcoming semesters.” Alisha Pathak

“My expectation from DWIT is to help me become a better individual and build a good moral character along with improvement in academics. I am also keen on learning various skills and in gaining valuable experience which will help me in my future. To wrap up, a week’s experience in DWIT has been full of excitement and astonishment. The institution is well organized which makes it remarkable and I’m looking forward to learn much more from DWIT.” Saras Karanjit

“Well, talking about my expectations and experiences, it feels great to study in one of the best IT institutions in Nepal. After all the admission procedures, I was extremely excited to enter the next phase of my life, the college life in Deerwalk. Since the very first day I’ve been exhilarated to be a part of Deerwalk. I expect my college to provide me proper guidance, which it has been providing to the students since its establishment!” Iris Raj Pokharel

“There are tons of experiences yet to experience and there are certainly many expectations from DWIT. Coming to this college was an awesome experience for me. I am learning, interacting and having fun with my teachers and new friends. Talking about my experiences, I am having great time learning in this college and I have yet many more things to experience. Our class is co-operative and has good sense of humor.” Suyog  Shrestha

“5 days already in a place I didn't know existed 5 months back and to be frank these 5 days were simply full of awesomeness. There is still years left to experience the full of DWIT, but during these 5 days spent with my friends, teachers and seniors were all great. I am hoping to get more in the upcoming days.” Mahan Adhikari

“The experience has been wonderful since the past three days. The college environment is good and the teachers teach really well. The facilities provided by the college, from the canteen to the classroom are excellent. Talking about expectations, I want the same things to be continued. As a new student, I am quite satisfied with the day to day experience.” Subhamrit Bimali

“What I thought is different from what I got. DWIT stipulates you with the mashed up life of both school and college. Academically it’s totally a school, but the cool environment here is completely different; various DWIT clubs and their activities entertain us in such a way that we get totally refreshed. I had expected only qualitative education, but here, DWIT has planned differently to articulate me professionally and socially. I am getting more than I expected from a prominent and one of the best institutions of Nepal.  I’m feeling grateful to be in DWIT.” Kriston Pal

“My experience at DWIT has been quite exciting so far. I have a really fun and friendly environment in class and everyone is really good to each other. The seniors are also helpful and have played a really good role in guiding us. The faculty and the students work together as family and there is no feeling of biasness. There are some things that are a big surprise to me like Deertalk. The college is a bit strict on the academic part, but well I’m getting quite used to it. Moreover, I am having a really awesome and fun experience at DWIT which are to be cherished. More exciting things are yet to come and I am looking forward to it.” Pratyush Nepal

“Deerwalk has really exceeded my expectations. I love the fact that the students rather than the faculty members conduct many of the activities. The interaction between the faculty members and students is something to be admired. Even though English is not our credit subject, Deerwalk is focusing so much on it which is a plus point. I think the talk sessions will be a great help to all the students to improve their communication skills.” Asmita Ghimire

“It has been a dream come true to be a part of this DWIT family. I have found the atmosphere of the college warming and energetic. The faculties are awesome and their teaching style is unique. Seniors are co-operative. The teaching methodology is just brilliant. Even the members of the services are great. I hope for my prosperous four years in this college.” Dipal Malla