Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

'Coherence' - Are you ready to challenge your patience?

By Barsha Dahal

One night you come out of your room just to breath some  fresh air. Aww... there you see a wonderful sight, the blue sky with stars and a shining moon. But near your home, you hear someone  breathing. Look, who is staring at you? That person is also trying to see you. Then suddenly that person and you both remain still with eyes open wide for a moment. You see yourself staring at you. That sounds creepy. You try to follow that person as he is running somewhere. That person enters into a house. Now that's creepier, that person is entering in the house similar as yours. What will you do if you ever faced such an awful situation? At first you will pinch yourself. You wish to wake up from a deep sleep. But it will hurt. You are not dreaming. It's happening in reality.

What will you do? Will you assume that you have seen a ghost that looks like you? Will you run back to your room and google whether such things happen in real? Will you remain silent? Or will you spy on that person and try to find out who he/she is and think about living that person’s reality abandoning yours? Hey guys, don’t get confused. I am neither acting abnormal nor am I crazy. I was just trying to share the thoughts that came to my mind after watching this movie. Isn’t this story mind blowing and horrible at a same time?

Physics says that two wave sources are coherent if they have a constant phase difference and fixed frequency. It will give you a strong chill until the end. Emily (Emily Baldoni) is talking with her boyfriend Kevin (Maury Sterling) on the phone and suddenly her mobile cracks. This beginning will hit you hard. They are attending a dinner party at Mike's (Nicholas Brendon) home. There are altogether eight friends who face supernatural and terrifying incidents all the time. They start sharing about non earthly things which happened in the past due to comet collapsing. Suddenly, the light goes off and the movie gets more harrowing. At first you will enjoy the love between friends and couples. Eventually you will notice astrological weirdness. Slowly, you will see relations getting worse. Friends start fighting and lovers start doubting.  I can bet you will not get this movie at the first watch. I am myself unclear about many things though I am writing its review. I cannot answer some questions like why that happened, how that happened and etc... I literally got lost watching this movie.

I was left frozen at the end. Emily runs away from that home because she had known that her reality is somewhere else. Finally, she enters into the home where everything seems calm. Her friends and her lover is enjoying with her other version. What she did after that will be a surprise or lets say a grand shock for you all. I will not reveal anything. This movie is confined in one home with those eight people. That sounds boring, but I can promise you, you will get an unexpected experience while watching this movie. Watch it, Hurry up!

Now face some of my hair raising questions after watching this movie. What would you do if you found the life parallel to your life where happiness exists and you see yourself as a successful human in that reality? I strongly feel that I would not leave my life for living a more successful and happier parallel reality. My life is perfect in its own way, even though sometimes everything gets worse. We are alive to solve the puzzles of life so why should we choose the better realities? We will make it better in real and we can. But this movie scared the hell out of me. I was looking here and there at night. I was thinking what if the next Barsha will come in my bed and try to live my life? No-No, Barsha, control, it’s just a movie. :(

Who knows this movie may be the truth. One day scientists may prove that the concept of parallel universes or coherence exists. There may be many versions of us that live around us like we do. But they may be unknown to us like we are. Our next versions  will be our rivals and life becomes more dangerous than any thriller movies. Really universe holds many secrets in its lap. Uncanny things may be happening around us every day and night. Urgh... I cannot write anymore. I am sweating right now. Guys, be careful all the time. Anything may happen with your life within a few seconds. Protect your reality!