Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Should We Have Coed Sports Teams?

By Shila Parajuli

Photo: Coed Sports Team         Photo Courtesy: This is 21st century. People fight against different inequality issues. One of the challenging and concerning issues is “whether girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sports team”. However, the point to be noted is that having a coed team will be a lot of fun and advantageous. There may be some girls who can be best players. Hence, in order to form the best team, we require having best players whether they are boys or girls. Furthermore, girls are good at team work. This also indicates that including them helps to enhance coordination among the players in any group. Having a variety of players of different skill levels and personalities makes the best team. To quote an example, in soccer, a girl might be really fast and a boy might have really good distribution skills, putting them together would probably get a goal. Therefore, having coed teams will help both genders to learn team. They can begin to learn how others think, while opening their minds to different opinions about a common problem. The other reason is to learn to respect the opposite sex. Finally, girls like challenges. Even though boys are built to be stronger than girls does not always mean that girls are weaker. It could be somehow challenging for girls to do better at sports. However, they like challenges and hence they are sure to do better at it. (I have given my opinion in a generalized way. It may not be applicable to all girls/boys whatsoever.)