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Co-Editors-in-Chief from DWIT News Visit Nagarik News

By Ruby Shrestha

The co-editors-in-chief from DWIT News visited the head office of one of the most reputed national dailies, Nagarik News on 22nd February, 2015. The purpose of their visit was to understand the working mechanisms of the news corporation so that they could learn and implement the same in their news site. Hitesh Karki, the chief academic officer at DWIT, assisted the team to approach the editor-in-chief of Nagarik News, Pratik Pradhan. Since the entire team could not be entertained in the working environment, the co-editors-in-chief were given the responsibility to visit the news corporation, identify with the work process, and learn on behalf of the entire team. The visit was scheduled from 3:30 pm and ran up to the end of publication work that day, which was 12:40 am of the next day.  Since Pratik Pradhan was absent, one of the associate editors of the national daily, Sudeep Shrestha, along with some of his colleagues, demonstrated to the two about their work. Sudeep Shrestha, showing the work environment around, remarked, “This is how we work. We have bureaus for different categories along with a head for each. Since the same work gets repeated daily, sometimes it tends to get monotonous. However, we all try our best to give the best result to our readers. Thanks to both of you for coming by, for learning from us. Hope you guys do better.”

Editors discussing on a news article

Moreover, the two members of the DWIT News who visited got an opportunity to sit in the daily meeting of 4 pm of Nagarik News with the heads of each news category and the editors. They figured out how the work gets divided among the team, meeting styles and the workflow. They also got to learn the know-hows of the news publication.

Sudeep Shrestha at work

Bimal Gaire, while sharing his experience, remarked, “I would like to thank all the members of Nagarik News, who showed us the place around and gave some valuable tips. We really appreciate your co-operation and guidance.” Furthermore, Ruby Shrestha mentioned, “It was a new experience altogether. I got to learn a lot of new things about the subject and noted some of the new ideas that could be implemented in our news site. I really appreciate the hospitality Sudeep Sir and his colleagues showed. Thanks to them!”

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