Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Club Transformation: A Sad yet Colorful Change

By Prabina Neupane

7th November 2014, would have passed on a very normal note if that mail had not popped up in our inbox. The silent and calm DWIT building had suddenly gone to a next level of excitement. There was news that had put everyone in a surprise and that news was of “Club Reshuffling”. New leaders of clubs were decided by the college which means all the college clubs will get new members. Club reformation is a regular process that happens in DWIT every year. The students who are currently working in a club are transferred to other clubs and there are new people now to take their positions. The students send the names of the clubs of their choices and the management selects the candidates who best fit the positions; some of them get the positions they apply for and some of them do not. It appears so normal to everyone else; but for students it seems their life in college is switching. Especially for the ones whose clubs are shifted, it seems as if a portion of their lifespan is going far from them. It seems like they have been sent to an alien land where there is no one you know. I felt the same. I have been reassigned to a new club, The Social Service Club, and I am rather glad about it. After all, I was one of the lucky ones who had gotten the chance to prove my skills again. But there was something that was not letting me smile. An awkward feeling was haunting me, a sense of dissatisfaction. After the classes, I had many friends who congratulated me for my new position, but there was something else on my mind. I could not believe that I am no longer going to be part of The Software Club. Next time I send an email, it won’t be as a member of the software club. The club which had been an integral part of my life has now got someone else who will take charge of it. The family, which we had created and nurtured, has new members. And my priorities will shift, and so will my focus. I had never realized that club had caused such an impact on my life. It has created a different personality in me, which has taught me to adapt, adjust and admire. I had created a different world with all the members in my club, and enjoyed that more than anything. I remember being told that at the end of four years I will fall in love with everything in college; I had no idea it would start from the club itself. I had never realized that I will be so obsessed about the club that not being a part of it would shock me. Coming Wednesday, our first club meeting, I have no idea how it is going to be; hopefully it will be nice. But there is something I am certain about, that I will surely miss software club, its members, our meetings, our talks, and our fun, actually everything between us. But I will move on.  Clubs have reformed and its time that I reform myself, because it’s not only the clubs that have a chance to change, I too have a new life ahead, a new life with fresh promises, new enthusiasm and loads of expectations with the coming days and with a prospect that I will fall in love with my new club, and at the conclusion of this year, I will again experience the same feeling as I am feeling now, the same tenderness that I felt in the prior year.