Tue, 25 Jun, 2024

Club Special Deertalk Ends With Presentation Session

By Shreeya Pandey

Photo: Deer Express Club
Deer Express Club successfully conducted club special Deertalk season. This was a new initiative taken by the club to add more challenge and increase the competition amongst the clubs. This season comprised of four sessions. However, it was comparatively different than normal Deertalk seasons as all the participants were sent by their respective club presidents, representing the 11 clubs of DWIT. Also, the same participants were not repeated in further sessions within the season.
Sessions Winner Club Represented Runner-up Club Represented
Topic Aakankshya Shrestha DWIT News Suyog Shrestha Documentary, Movie and Dramatics
Extempore Bishal Timalsina Music Biplav Shrestha  Software
Debate Takdir Bartaula DWIT News Mandip Prasai Deer Express
Presentation Maunta Gautam Deer Express Sushil Awale DWIT News
  For every session, each participant was evaluated by a panel of judges comprising of the club presidents themselves. This season was quite competitive as every club sent its best candidate to speak upon thus making it more challenging but on the brighter side it was much more exciting, interesting and added more fun to the Deertalk sessions. Unlike the previous seasons, where competition was amongst the students, this special season had competition amongst the clubs. The club members too supported their respective clubs and were equally excited for their club to win. Apart from this, this competition allowed the club presidents to confront their suppositions regarding the selection of candidates for public speaking. Also, the participants got ample motivation and support from their respective club presidents and also the members which helped them to boost their confidence level. Such competitions should be further organized to bring out the hidden talents of students. DWIT News would like to congratulate all the winners for their wonderful performances.