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Club Reformation for 2015-2016

By Osheen Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Neesha Dhungana

DWIT differs from other colleges due to different reasons, one of them being the number of effective clubs that operate as a part of the college. Students can actively be involved in different club activities. The different clubs are Book Club, IT club, Hiking Club, Media Club, DWIT News club, Sports Club, Movie Club, Software Club, Music Club, Deer Express Club and Social service Club. Every club receives a budget of RS 25,000 and using that budget, the clubs have to conduct different activities based on their plans. Clubs help students in different ways. These clubs help to improve the student’s leadership skills and the overall personality. Students benefit massively from the club activities and learn things, which wouldn’t be possible to learn from the TU curriculum. Clubs play a major role in the life of a DWIT student.

Members of the all the clubs get shuffled every year. After the arrival of the new batch 2019, the clubs were reformed. New students got a chance to apply for the clubs of their choice. Also the older students were given option to join other clubs. Students were chosen to become President and the Vice President of the clubs on the basis of their membership application, hard work, and past experience in the club.

On December 3rd, the college shared application form, which allowed the students to apply for the post of Club President via email. Few days later, college also shared the form for Vice-Presidential role. Different proposals were put forward for creation of new clubs as well, but as they were not viable, they were not created. The college is open to suggestions for making new clubs if good idea is pitched to the administration. On 13th December, membership was opened for all clubs and one could apply for more than one club.

On 14th December, all club presentations were held on the seminar hall "Lhotse". This was mandatory especially for Batch 2019 as they didn’t have much information regarding different clubs. On the following day, respective clubs held interview session with the applicants. Everyone was busy taking and giving interviews. Different clubs took the interview in different fashion, as per their requirement. Finally on 17th December, Mr. Bijaya Shrestha made the announcement of the selected candidates via e-mail. Based on the interviews and discussion the result was announced.

Congratulation to all who got selected!!! . The final list is given below:

Book Club, 9

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sunil Lamsal Mentor
2 Dipesh Poudel President
3 Utkrista KC Vice President
4 Suraj Regmi Member
5 Giriraj Khatri Member
6 Nabina Khadka Member
7 Sushil Awale Member
8 Raman Pandey Member
9 Abhushan Gautam Member

IT Club, 14

S.N. Name Designation
1 Surya R. Timsina Mentor
2 Prabin Rai President
3 Nischal Aryal Vice President
4 Rishav Bhurtel Member
5 Anish Dhakal Member
6 Roshan Basnet Member
7 Alien Khadka Member
8 Ashish Subedi Member
9 Arjan Poudel Member
10 Dipesh Bhandari Member
11 Dhiraj Dhungana Member
12 Subhamrit Bimali Member
13 Rejal Dhakal Member
14 Saurav Bhandari Member

Hiking Club, 8

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sanjeeb Budha Mentor
2 Rojina Shrestha President
3 Abhishek Khatiwada Vice President
4 Kriston Pal Member
5 Suman Maharjan Member
6 Arika Joshi Member
7 Pratyush Nepal Member
8 Prashant Satyal Member

Media Club, 14

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sumit Shrestha Mentor
2 Ruby Shrestha President
3 Sajak Raj Baidya Vice President
4 Anushka Maharjan Member
5 Asmita Ghimire Member
6 Shasank Shakya Member
7 Surakshya Thapa Member
8 Raman Maharjan Member
9 Yunish Shakya Member
10 Dipal Malla Member
11 Pema Ghising Member
12 Ankit Karki Member
13 Malika Adhikari Member
14 Mallika Bhattarai Member

DWIT News Club, 12

S.N. Name Designation
1 Ashmita Kunwar Co-Editor In Chief
2 Nikita Gautam Co-Editor In Chief
3 Neesha Dhungana Member
4 Mahan Adhikari Member
5 Avusan Gautam Member
6 Rojan Maharjan Member
7 Shibesh Dawadi Member
8 Asmita Thapa Member
9 Osheen Shrestha Member
10 Shreeya Panday Member
11 Raju Shrestha Member
12 Sweekriti Gautam Member

Sports Club, 13

S.N. Name Designation
1 Pratik Budhathoki Mentor
2 Bidur Banstola President
3 Sushant Chitrakaar Vice President
4 Muscaan Lamsal Member
5 Saroj Shrestha Member
6 Bardaan Gurung Member
7 Sayal Vaidya Member
8 Gaurab Thapa Member
9 Shashank Kharel Member
10 Ashim Shrestha Member
11 Ayush Manandhar Member
12 Ujjwal Shrestha Member
13 Sulav Prasai Member

Movie Club, 6

S.N. Name Designation
1 Bimal Gaire Mentor
2 Rojina Karki President
3 Bimal thapa Vice President
4 Subin Tha Shrestha Member
5 Shrijal Kaphle Member
6 Babin Karki Member

Software Club, 13

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sameer Koirala Mentor
2 Subigya K. Nepal President
3 Sabin Pathak Vice President
4 Sreeyansh loda Member
5 Manish Dangi Member
6 Yashine Seikh Member
7 Sushil Pokhrel Member
8 Bipin Paudel Member
9 Bhishan Bhandari Member
10 Bikash Sapkota Member
11 Asmita Subedi Member
12 Biplav Shrestha Member
13 Rachana Banjade Member

Music Club, 8

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sushant Gurung Mentor
2 Anmol Shrestha President
3 Bishal Timalsina Vice President
4 Umang Gurung Member
5 Sharrun Sangat Member
6 Suyog Shrestha Member
7 Shreya Acharya Member
8 Shahil Karki Member

DeerExpress Club, 8

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sunil Shrestha Mentor
2 Barsha Dahal President
3 Prayush Shrestha Vice President
4 Munmun Shrestha Member
5 Iris Raj Pokharel Member
6 Milan Budathoki Member
7 Sabina Shrestha Member
8 Prakriti Shre Tuladhar Member

Social Service Club, 8

S.N. Name Designation
1 Pankaj K.C. Mentor
2 Mohan Singh Bomrel President
3 Akankshya Upadhyay Vice President
4 Shila Parajuli Member
5 Navaraj Kharel Member
6 Aasha Poudel Member
7 Shiva Tripathi Member
8 Siddhartha Giri Member