Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Classes Resume After A Long Break

By Bimal Gaire

Photo: Students attending class in DWIT Photo Courtesy: Bimal Gaire

After the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015 along with many aftershocks, the whole country has been shattered. The lives have been affected and families are in never healing pain. People are still living under the tents and there is no any sign of rebuilding pretty soon. It is going to take some time to rebuild what has been destroyed.

In the mean time with no intention of losing a whole academic session, the educational bodies have decided to reopen the educational institutions which have been closed for more than a month now. With the announcement of exam schedule of Higher Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12), exam schedules of other various courses have been announced too.

The regular classes in DWIT have started from Today, June 1st. The classes were disturbed since 25th April leading to complete shut down of all academic activities. Before running regular classes, the administration of DWIT had conducted a meeting to discuss about the matter and to know about the current status of academics. The meeting consisted of faculty members and class representatives. Also, a meeting was called on Sunday to further discuss on the classes and academic activities with the students. “DWIT is fully aware of the situation and gives priority to the safety of students,” said Hitesh Karki. He added, “We are getting back to our lives and we will be fully conducting our classes and other various activities in college. For now, there has been a temporary change in class structures, but it won't be for too long.”

Bijay Kumar Shrestha said, “Getting back together after a long time helps students to share their experiences and eases the pain. Students get a sense of togetherness and also can overcome the fear inside them to build confidence. We will make them as comfortable as we can.”

Arun Tamang, a 3rd year student who has lost his house to this massive disaster said, “I am happy to see all of my friends and sharing experiences together has given me a lot of confidence. I still have fear inside me but I have to move on from this.” Sunil Shrestha, a 3rd year student, who has also lost his home to earthquake, shared his feelings, “I am worried about my studies right now, it is hard to catch up with the studies after a long gap. I am getting help from my friends and I hope I can move on.”

Ritu Raj Lamsal, one of the faculty members at DWIT advised the students to get back into normal life. He said, “We can't live in fear. We have to move on. Media is causing all the tension so there needs to be less media exposure and more day to day activities so that we can get back to where we were before.”