Sun, 26 May, 2024

CL Final From a Football Fan's Perspective

By Abhusan Gautam


The countdown had begun. Probably the most awaited match of the year was about to start. Barcelona and Juventus were going head to head to claim the title. The atmosphere in Berlin was electric; football fans from all over the world had come to witness the finale.

The match finally began. After just 4 minutes into the game, Barcelona proved that they were the best in “tiki-taka” when Ivan Rakitic scored an amazing goal assisted by Iniesta. After that, Barcelona got the upper hand in the game and they could play the game in their pace. Aggressiveness could be seen in Juventus game as Vidal was committing numerous fouls early in the game and got a yellow card as warning.

The game was intensive. Juventus were always trying get back into the game; a lot of long shots were played at Ter Stegen. Both of the goalkeepers played exceptionally well. Buffon, legendary football player, saved a lot of shots. From this match it could be seen that Messi has grown into a more versatile player than he was before. He was sometimes seen playing wide in the front and when needed, he would switch back deep into midfield. Paul Pogba seemed exceptional. At the age of 22, we could see him dominating midfield whenever he got the ball. Iniesta showed some amazing dribbling skills. He created a lot of chances for Barcelona. And as always, it was great seeing Pirlo play.

Morata equalized the goal just after halftime from a rebound. Ter Stegen managed to save the first shot but he could not reach the second shot from Morata. Happiness could be seen on the faces of Juventus players at that time. The game became whole lot of interesting after that equalizer.

Barcelona dominated at early second half, lot of chances were created. During the middle of second half, Neymar scored a controversial goal which was discarded by the referee as hand goal. Shortly after that, Suarez scored an amazing goal which again put Barca in the lead. It was a rebound; Buffon managed to save the shot from Messi but could not save the rebound. This goal lifted up Barcelona's confidence.

The game kept football fans on the edge of their seats until the end. Some minor injuries slowed down the game. 5 minutes of injury time was added, Juventus tried their best until the end to come back into the game but the last minute goal from Neymar thrashed their dream of winning the title. Barcelona won the game 3-1 and clinched the Champions League title.

It was a happy as well as heart breaking moment for football fans. In one hand, we could see players like Xavi and Iniesta celebrating and on the other hand, it was totally heart breaking to see tears in Pirlo’s eyes and disappointment on Buffon’s face. Overall, it was one of the rarest and amazing matches that we, football fans will ever witness.