Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Chitooo - Enjoy Life With Benefits

By Shreeya Pandey

Facebook has made an imperative impact in the lives of people. People post statuses, upload pictures and update their life events on Facebook. Thus, to justify this obsession in social media, Chitooo application is quite helpful and worth using. It was made accessible to the people of Kathmandu from 7 July 2017 on Google PlayStore, denoting another entry of a start-up into the Nepalese market. Chitooo is simple yet an innovative application. Isn’t it cool that by simply posting status, uploading pictures or checking-in to a nearby place through Facebook could reward us with points? Moreover, these points could be redeemed at Chitooo’s partner stores for exclusive deals and offer to vary from food to clothes. For posting statuses, 10 points are rewarded to the users whereas 100 points are rewarded for posting a check-in to one of its partner stores with a picture. Chitooo provides a simple platform for online marketing available for all SMEs of all shapes and sizes in Nepal. Moreover, it aims at connecting right users with the right stores thus ultimately benefitting the corresponding counterparts. Also, users get more value while SME’s get more customers. The unique concept of Chitooo is what makes it stand out. The company saw the huge impact of social media on people especially youths, so it came with this concept of linking users to Facebook posts to particular brand or store. [caption id="attachment_16980" align="aligncenter" width="227"]chitoo_screenshot Dashboard Screenshot[/caption] “When we were in alpha, we did not have any categories because user base was very limited to a niche target market. But, now we are in public beta so we have added four categories. However, as we move ahead, we will even break down food and drinks to several categories, entertainment will have more categories and so on.” – Chitooo Team (source: Blogger Tech) The number of users of this application has increased to a greater extent. Chitooo is set to flourish in the market in the upcoming days as its concept is the centre of attraction for many youths. Download Link: