Mon, 15 Jul, 2024


By Shiva Tripathi

When I was going through my final term examination, I had seen an e-mail of suspension because one of the students cheated in the exam. After seeing that e-mail, one question arose in my mind - why do students cheat in the exam?

 Everyone knows that cheating is not allowed in an exam and if they are caught while cheating, the consequences would be very bad. But still, they dare to cheat.

This led me to think, from where do they get the courage to cheat? In my opinion, the answer is no one wants to cheat but their surrounding makes them cheat in an exam. They cheat in the exam because they never get a chance to think what they really want. If they really wanted to do better in their field they would have never cheated themselves; I mean they would have never cheated in the exam. If someone fails in an exam than they get scolded, and some people also behave treat them like they have committed a crime. But, in the next exam that they appear, they just get into enhancing the art of cheating. This time, they won’t think how well will they do in the exam, instead, they think how well will they cheat in that exam? Some students may pass the exam by cheating but in reality, they didn’t pass the exam rather they passed the art of cheating. Now instead of mastering the course subjects, they have mastered the art of cheating.

I think failing the exam is better without cheating than passing by learning how to cheat.