Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Cheating: Is it Supporting or Ruining Students?

By Asmita Bista

Photo Courtesy: We learn many things in our daily life. It is not possible to give exams of everything that is learned daily. The small things cannot be measured. But in the case of studying formally, we need to give exams of what we have learnt. We not only need to pass the exams, but we want good grades as well. Us students, always want higher marks to show that we actually are good students and have learnt a lot of things. When there’s the matter of giving exams, many of us have, what can be called “exam fever”. We rarely realize that exams are meant for us to test ourselves. Sometimes, we treat exams as a game. We may be doing this knowingly or unknowingly but one thing is certain, we must pass the exams anyhow. So, we try either by taking help of friends or using different techniques of cheating. Cheating can be of many forms. Students may use different techniques of cheating. We all know that not giving the exams on our own and using cheating methods for passing hinders our own life. It is obvious that if we get something easily by not putting much effort into it, then we ultimately go for it. The different methods like taking pictures and copying from mobile phones,writing in hands or papers, copying from friends, etc... these are the techniques we all know too well. These methods seem easier for passing the exams rather than studying hard. Some students choose different methods of cheating not only to pass the exams, but also to show that they are intelligent. What’s the use of such intelligence which is only limited to marks? Such showing off never turns out to be good. Sometimes, we may fall in the gutter due to such acts, at times where we have to prove our intelligence. Depending on other resources rather than preparation reduces our ability to learn. It can be good for our marks, but it ultimately reduces our performance. When we make a habit of cheating in exams, we do not spend any time for studying since the thought of passing the exams without reading resides in our minds. The interesting thing is that cheaters are clever enough to hide their deeds from the invigilators. They cheat in such a way that no one notices except their friends.But once they get caught, it is sure that they will get expelled. So, why take a huge risk by cheating in exams? It is better not to give exams than giving exams by cheating. We human beings are never satisfied with what we get in our life. We always want more and more, may it be money, luxury or something else. Sometimes we get into bad habits while fulfilling our desires. We may gain satisfaction for few moments, but we will surely regret when we understand those bad habits have actually driven us down a road that none of us want to travel on. So, why regret anything in our life since it does not change anything and only reduces our self-confidence?