Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

Cheating is Bad, But Abusing is a Crime

By Ashmita Kunwar

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Imagine the scenario that has been reflected below, which is not just an imagination but it is reality.

Exam hall was full of students; most of them were busy writing answers in their answer copies since it was the exam of Object Oriented Programming; questions were easier than they were expected to be in comparison to that of Computer Architecture (questions were really tough, confusing; most of them are likely to fail in this particular subject this year). On the other side, in the same hall, there were few students who were trying to escape from teacher’s eye and were discussing with each other, two students fall under this category who were discussing among each other. This is the nature of every student, and every student does this, no doubt on this! The thing is that some of them accomplish to handle it properly and some do not. Those two students, one boy and a girl, who were discussing with each other, were tactlessly caught by the teacher. Since the particular exam center was very strict (in this case it would be appropriate to say, particular teacher being very strict), it was a big concern; otherwise most of the teachers would warn him/her for doing so and let them continue back to their writing. With no warning, that particular teacher snatched the answer sheets of both the students with full aggressiveness and shouted harshly and asked them to move out of the class. The line that teacher said was “Tah private collage bata aako vanera hero naban, dadagiri nadekha.”, which means “You being the student of private don’t show your smartness here ”.

Students did nothing, simply went outside, realizing their fault but something farfetched happened outside the class. That specific teacher followed the boy outside the class and used rough words and took off his hands to attack him; he grabbed his collar and kicked him. Can you believe this? This is reality. No teacher has any right to use his/her hands in such an aggressive manner towards any student.

Students over there had no issue about getting expelled for copying or discussing but they did have problem about teacher being physical towards them, which is not only a mistake but it is a crime. “Teacher, Guru, Master” whatever synonyms may be used, they convey the same meaning, that is, the person who shares his/her knowledge, wisdom in any particular  subject. They do have a high respect in the society; they are the other parents for the students. This is how teachers are described in our society. In the context described in this article, the relationship between teacher and student gives negative meaning. For this, either single student or teacher is responsible or both of them are responsible. Whatever the situation is, abuse is not the solution from both the side. We have been frequently hearing news where some group of students plan to take revenge on their teachers outside the college/school, which is one of the bad practices. Students who think of doing such things must think deep inside that something is seriously wrong with them. At the same time, when teacher himself does anything crossing the boundary of discipline, like punishing/abusing, it is more serious, because society does not accept teacher in that form and also because he is the one who teaches us not to carry out such activities. Hence today, in this article, I, being a student first and then a reporter, am writing on behalf of the student.

Coming back to the scene again, that particular teacher even snatched the paper of few students just for doing rough work in the answer sheets; though students begged, cried for the answer sheet but teacher replied “Do whatever you want, you can cry as much as you can but you won’t get the answer sheet”. What kind of rule is he implementing; we do have full right to do rough in our answer sheet.

Again, I am a student then only a reporter of this news site, so I am speaking on behalf of the students, but it does not mean that I disrespect any teacher, I do have full respect towards all my teachers. But, this was something unusual and unreasonable for a teacher to do.

Those students complained to the police; the teacher was taken to the police station. That teacher used his hands again to punish  the student even in the police beat. I saw it in a video.

Later he was asked to apologize for his behavior, and he did that but had no regret at all.

(For this article, it would have been more justified if I had taken the opinion of the teacher as well, but I had doubt that he could do something bad to me, due to which I had no guts, sorry for this).

I was thinking of not writing article until my exams were over but this was something I had to write and make everyone aware about.

To all the teachers, I would say that I am grateful to everyone, you are the ones who make us this capable to write such things, make us this confident to speak for ourselves; if this article makes you feel bad then I'd like to apologize to you all.

At last, for all the students, I being your friend would like to suggest you to study hard, work hard; try your best not to give a place for such teacher to raise a single word; it is not necessary for us to be like him or do something illegal, we can still stay in our righteous place by working hard and respecting our teachers. Keep studying and all the best to everyone!