Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Chautari Session- XI Successfully Completed

By Sabin Pathak

Photo: Anish Thakuri, talking about his idea                       Photo Courtesy: Sabin Pathak On 3rd March, 2015, the eleventh session of Chautari was successfully held. Chautari Session is a weekly scheduled program conducted by Deer-Chautari club every Tuesday. This is a forum where all the participants sit together and have discussions on particular topics, problems and try to find solutions. They are free to share their ideas and suggestions on ideas. This session was scheduled for idea presentation of two students and the very special program targeting the students of first semester. So the small seminar hall was almost full with all the students from first semester and some other students studying at different levels at DWIT. As scheduled this session began at around 5 P.M. First a short video about how Internet works was shown and then IT facts were presented by the members of DeerChautari club. After that Anish Thakuri, 5th semester student of DWIT, started sharing his ideas. He said,” My idea is to build an application named Fuel Locater and I think it will be effective to find the fuel stations near the users and can get service soon.” He also added, “This is just my idea and I have not started it but I will start it soon.” Sajak Baidhya, 1st semester student of DWIT, also shared his ideas. His idea was about to develop Cab Call application. He commented, “Once I had to go somewhere in a taxi but I could not get a taxi. So I had this idea from that time and hope to start developing this application after I reach second semester.” Some other participants of that program gave some suggestions on both ideas so that they can have their app more featured and even better. The special program of this session which was scheduled targeting the first semester students started after presentation of ideas. As the board examination of first semester is coming near and they are appearing for the board examination of Bachelor’s level for the first time. This event was conducted so that they can learn something from experiences shared by their seniors. Four senior students of DWIT namely Bimal Gaire and Sagar Giri from fifth semester as well as Ruby Shrestha and Nikita Gautam from third semester shared their experiences. They talked about their technique of preparation for exams and board examinations challenges. Almost all of them had common points that questions in board examination are different than expected and thus do not depend only on past papers only. Sameer Koirala, president of DeerChautari club, also added his experience and tips for preparation for board examination. About this special program of this session of Chautari, he commented,” “Well, since the first batch are going to attend board examination for the first time. Just coming from +2 examination system, their mindset will be different than Bachelor level. So Deer-Chautari Club wanted to share the experiences we had and help them prepare for the examination so they can do their best in examination.” After attainment of this session Gaurab Thapa, first semester student at DWIT, commented,” To attend the Deer Chautari session XI was not the thing that I have chosen but I was made to attend the session. I came to know that it was about sharing the ideas and hearing others idea was really interesting. And the seniors shared their experience about giving board exam which was good to hear. I found this session really informative. Thanks to the organizer.” Arjan Poudel, another participant and student of same level of DWIT, said,” It was good to be there. I was able to know how internet works and how we are able to surf internet. Not only that I got a chance to hear my friends and senior's ideas with the experience of seniors about board examination.” This session of Chautari lasted for about one and half hour which is longer than other session but it was really an informative one.