Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Chautari Session-VII Successfully Completes

By Sabin Pathak

Photo Courtesy: The Deer-Chautari Club DeerChautari club operates within DWIT. The purpose of this club is to help the participants to get answers of the questions that they have but never bothered to ask. This club has propitiously completed its seventh session. The recent session was held on 27th Jan, 2015, and it lasted for about an hour. Chautari session is a weekly scheduled program which is conducted every Tuesday by DeerChautari club. This is a symposium where all the interested participants sit around, choose a topic and have a discussion on that particular topic. There they are free to share their ideas and share suggestions on someone’s ideas. In this session, two first semester students of DWIT, namely Amun Kharel and Yashine Sheikh, with their great interest to share their ideas gave their presentations. This session started with the welcome speech by president of DeerChautari club, Sameer Koirala. As usual, IT facts were presented by members of this club. Then Amun started sharing his ideas. His idea was to build an application targeting those people who are interested in learning guitar. He said, "My app idea is about playing the relative chords in different strumming patterns, chord recognition which will help people create and learn music.” He tried to explain the features that he wants to include in his app and make it different. He also added, "This application might be useful tool for beginner guitar learners.” Some participants gave their suggestions so that he could have his app more featured and even better.  [caption id="attachment_4359" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Photo Courtesy: DeerChautari Club Photo Courtesy: The Deer-Chautari Club[/caption] Yashine Sheikh, another presenter of this session, shared his experiences and knowledge about “hacking of wireless network”. Almost all participants were enthusiastic to get ideas about how to hack a wireless network.  He commented, “Being an IT student, it is necessary to have knowledge of hacking.” He gave his presentation on ethical hacking using Kali Linux. He also added, ”The first thing which inspired me was the article written by Ashim Regmi, fifth semester student studying B.Sc.CSIT at DWIT, on the operating system LINUX. At first I didn’t even know how to install Linux and I had done a lot of experiments with that system. So I had to uninstall and reinstall the system more than ten times.” That presentation was so informative. DeerChautari club has decided to bring some changes in Chautari session for upcoming sessions.  As per idea collection form submitted from students few months ago, eight students will be selected every month and they need to present their ideas or projects. For every session there will be two students presenting their ideas or project. About new rules in Chautari session, Sameer Koirala said, "A new rule will be implemented so that students get a platform to share their ideas. Sharing ideas will help them as they will get suggestions and feedback which will ensure that final product will be of better quality. We also want to help those students who have ideas but don't know how to implement it.” He also added, "Chautari session is not mandatory, but we would appreciate if more students participate to know what their seniors, juniors and friend's idea is and help them to improve the final product.” The after session discussion was on C programming problem of Session VI and club members presented new C programming problem and their solution for this week. I personally wish that more students participated in Chautari session!! “Nothing is more pleasant to me than exploring in a library.”  -Water Savage Landor, Pericles and Aspasia