Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

The Change in Smartphone Industry

By Bimal Gaire

Mobile tech world is on its giant leap right now. There is no beating to it at the moment. Mobile phones are becoming a fashion statement as well as a must have gadget for many people. From texting to enjoying high definition videos, mobile phones are an integral part of daily life. Nokia, the company from Finland used to rule the world once. There was no competition and it was easily the top mobile phones manufacturer. It was more popular in the Asian region due to its affordable price range. Sony Ericson was a competitor to Nokia but by a huge margin. It offered some cool phones with better camera but lacked the affordability range for consumers. Both the company could not move along with time and failed to identify what their customers wanted. Sony Ericson failed instantly but the faith of people kept Nokia still alive. Nokia couldn’t keep up with new technologies while Samsung on the other hand had different plans. Samsung offered screen touch mobiles in some really affordable price. Nokia only offered good specs on the higher end model. That was the turning point for Samsung. From that moment Samsung has never looked back. It has updated its technologies along with time and at present it is the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world by a little margin to Apple. There is a fierce rivalry going on with Apple and Samsung. Apple is really dominant in its home country whereas Samsung has left a big footprint in the Asian and European countries. Samsung runs in the android ecosystem with its own TouchWiz enabled on top whereas Apple uses its own iOS in its iPhones. Samsung offers different range of mobiles: low end, midrange and the higher end models. In contrast, there is only one or two variant of iPhones. While the debate continues, it’s up to the consumers which one to pick based on their preferences. Now, there is a different kind of revolution in the smartphone industry. China has become one of the bigger markets in the world. Due to its consumer base, manufacturers are trying hard to sell their products and leave their marks here. Along with them different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are building their way into the top line smartphone industry. These Chinese manufacturers are making a point by selling phones with higher specs in a competitive price. Some of the manufacturers from china include: Xiomi, OnePlus, Oppo, ZTE, Huawei and many others. These manufacturers are offering some cool smartphones in midrange price. Huawei and Xiomi are the leading brands in china. Xiomi is the third bestselling brand in the world right now. Xiomi has sold a lot of devices in China and India whereas Huawei has a strong brand name in China, North America and European countries. Even though they are selling their devices in low price, there is nothing cheap about these phones. They offer premium quality with better display, larger battery size and higher processing capabilities. As a result of this, Huawei’s P8 smartphone has won the Best Consumer Smartphone of the year award at European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). Another company named OnePlus is relatively new in the market. They have recently launched their second smartphone and they have something bold to say here. They are offering top of the line specs and their price point is unbelievable. Their aim is to take the mobile tech industry with a storm and they have succeeded quite a lot in doing that, Their OnePlus 2, the new smartphone is nothing but a serious challenge to the rivals such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 plus. At almost half the price the OnePlus 2 offers premium build, high quality display, a 4GB RAM (iPhone 6 plus has 1GB), a bigger battery (3300 mAh) and a finger print scanner which the company claims to be faster than Touch Id of Apple. And all of this has become possible because of new marketing and advertising campaign as such. The company works on word of mouth of the people. They are saving millions of dollars in marketing and offering a decent product to their customer. Within 2 years of their establishment they succeeded to make a revolution in the mobile tech industry. They have proved that smartphones need not be too expensive and they have not compromised in any field to achieve that. So what do you think about these upcoming Chinese brands? Are they here to make a point or they are simply another OEMs from China? Are you satisfied with the price range of iPhones and Samsung top of the line mobiles? Have your say.