Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Champion of The Champions

By Shreha Regmi

On 9th September, 2014, the DeerExpress club of DWIT organized the 8th session of the talk session. On this session the winners from the previous sessions were the participants. There were a total of 7 winners, Barsha Dahal from Session 1, Asmit Prasai from Session 2, Dipesh Poudel from Session 3, Pratibh Acharya from Session 4, Sagar Giri from Session 5, Asmita Subedi from Session 6 and finally Prashant Sharma from Session 7. These participating winners had to go through two rounds, namely an extempore session and a debate session. At first, everyone went through the extempore session where Sagar talked about "Best childhood memory", Barsha on "If I were invisible", Dipesh on "An idea that changed my life", Prashant on "Detention", Asmita on "I wish I was", Asmit on "Drug Addiction" and Pratibh on "My first crush". After the results announced from this session, only 4 of the participants were selected for the debate and they were: Pratibh, Barsha, Asmit and Dipesh. They had to debate on the topic, "Students in US are more mature and can adapt to life simply because they are kicked out of their homes after the age of 18. Should Nepalese too start doing the same?" Asmit Prasai won the session taking away a book of Nicholas Sparks, "The Last Song" with a Dairymilk Silk chocolate bar and a small cup. Barsha Dahal came in second and she received a big Dairymilk choclate bar. Congratulations to both!!