Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Challenge Accepted and Accomplished!

By Ankit Pradhan

Deerwalk Institute of Technology is growing fast. It is clearly visible how it has progressed since its establishment in the year of 2010. It has been able to burgeon in this small interval of time due to its nature of trying to do everything. DWIT, being one of the residents of Sifal area, gets involved in frequent meetings with the neighborhood members. Recently, it had one of such meetings in which there were some discussions on the problems in the neighborhood and on whether Deerwalk could do anything to help. In that meeting, one of the neighbors and a student’s guardian mentioned that the internal road connecting the Jayabageshwori and Sifal, which in Google-map is shown as Dharmabhakta Marg, is actually called Jayabageshwori Marg. The probable problem seemed to be that the wrong information could mislead some people who refer to Google-map to reach Jayabageshwori area. So the neighbors requested DWIT to change the name in Google-map from Dharmabhakta Marg to Jayabageshwori Marg. There are different clubs functioning at DWIT and one of such clubs is DeerChautari. Briefly put, DeerChautari is the club where students discuss how things happen. In one of the sessions of DeerChautari, chief academic officer of DWIT, Hitesh Karki, mentioned the Google-map problem and challenged the attendees of the session to solve it. Everyone started to talk about how to solve that problem. After completing the DeerChautari session, one of the attendees, Sandesh Sharma, was discussing this matter with one of his friends while walking downstairs and his friend said that one cannot change the names of the places in Google-map and quoted that it was close to impossible. Mr. Sharma then had a thought of why/how could that be impossible. He wanted to prove his friend’s thinking wrong. He started to try to solve the problem and at last he was successful. When some members of the News team sat with him for a talk, they came to know about the process that he had gone through to change the name in Google-map. He said, “At first, sign in to your Google account and go to Unless you are signed in, you cannot change any content of the map. Type in the address of the location you want to edit and click the Search Maps button. Then click on Edit button next to the Add New button. Click on Select Road Segment; then select the road segment you want to edit and then click Next. Write the new name of the road and click OK. Google will then review your request and if it is valid it will publish the changed name in the map. To prove that the request is valid, other people will have to log in to the mapmaker with their Gmail accounts and review that change request. The more the people will review the request, the higher the chances of getting the request accepted. My request was luckily accepted and published in 2 days. If there weren’t many reviews the challenge that our academic officer had put forth wouldn’t have been completed. So I consider it to be a collective effort of all the people involved in reviewing.” Further, he mentioned, “I consider it to be a mere yet important task. The time I got notified by Google about the changes made, I was very happy and excited since I was able to be a part of doing a task which I consider to be important, and also doing something that my friend said was impossible. On the other hand, I had also solved the challenge given by Hitesh sir plus I had solved the problem put forth by our neighbors.” We can see that if we have determination about anything then we can do it though it may take a little time and effort.