Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

Chairman Rudra Pandey Motivates Students to Become More Active In College

By Kundan Shumsher Rana

Photo: Rudra Pandey Talking to the Students Photo Courtesy: Bimal Gaire

On 19th June 2015, Chairman of DWIT and Deerwalk Inc., Rudra Pandey, held ALL HANDS MEETING with the students. The program was conducted to keep the students motivated in their studies and more importantly in entrepreneurial endeavors. He has always emphasized the fact that DWIT graduates should become entrepreneurs. The program was a little different from previous programs because of the fact that it was held in the temporary conference area made in the basketball court. It was also different because he encouraged students to join any club of their choosing believing in the fact that every student of DWIT must engage in extra activities and not just studies.

Chairman Rudra Pandey, who came to Nepal after a long period of time, had a lot of things to say to encourage the students. He wanted everyone to join a club. He also encouraged students to speak up and say what is on their mind. One of the students from Batch of 2016, Sandesh Sharma, said that he wanted to open an Entrepreneurs Club. He said, "I want to open a club where students who want to become entrepreneurs in the future can learn how to be one and what it really means to become one.” Chairman, when assessing why some students were not involved in club activities, found that many students are willing to join the IT club or the Software Club. He said that, “If the students are willing to join the IT club or Software Club, we should increase the number of seats available in the clubs. Let the IT club have 50 members if the students are willing to join.” The meeting went smoothly and as always Chairman Rudra Pandey managed to touch the hearts of the students and inspire them towards working to make a name for themselves.