Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Chairman Conducts Life Skills Training

By Sneha Parajuli

College Chairman, Rudra Pandey, took life skills training for batches 2015, 2016 and 2018 on November 6, 2014. The college had scheduled similar session for Batch 2017 on November 7, 2014. However, the session was postponed due to some reasons. In the training that was conducted, Rudra Pandey taught soft skills required for self-betterment. He talked about 10 major life skills that can help in personality development. The major point includes knowing and exploring oneself. The better we know ourselves, the more we will be able to make good decisions in life. He also talked about being confident enough to face the world. We should always trust ourselves in order to face challenges. We should not wait for anyone else’s approval. Looking good is also an essential life skill.  Beyond qualifications and experiences, good looks matter the most. The first thing by which people get impressed by you is via your looks. He even mentioned that we should always avoid attention seeking. Attention seeking is an act of immature behaviour. So, we should not be an attention seeker. Networking is the most essential factor in improving our social status. Knowing new people and establishing relation between each other comes under networking. He also spoke about appreciating others. Always try to appreciate others for their good work and try to learn from them. This always helps to polish ourselves. Rudra Pandey also stated that we should always avoid passive aggressiveness. Expressing anger, be it in healthy ways or not, is always a bad thing to do. We will end up leaving a bad impression of ourselves if we show passive aggressiveness. We should always try to keep up a good body language. Communication skills is one of the indispensable life skills. Rudra Pandey also pointed out that we should always be able to express ourselves in a clear and accurate manner. We should never be hyper. Being unusually energetic for small things is not a good thing to do. This training program was really interesting; every student enjoyed thoroughly. Rudra Pandey, the Chairman of our college, taught the students in a very effective way. Class of 2017 is looking forward to receiving similar session of life skills training by Rudra Pandey.