Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Carpool KTM, an Innovative Approach to Current Fuel Crisis

By Ankit Pradhan

  Photo Courtesy : Carpool KTM

Adaptation is the main reason that has led us to be the most intelligent living creature in the planet. 'Survival of the fittest' by Herbert Spencer is a reality indeed.

The blockade created by India has led to huge crisis in Nepal but Nepalese are adapting as per the situation. This situation has motivated young entrepreneur, who have used IT to fight against the fuel crisis to help everyone. They have developed platforms for coping with the current situation by helping and co-operating with each other. It is one of the platforms that has become very popular these days. It was developed by Abishek Gupta along with his team. By using this application users can offer and ask for lift (ride) online. Mr. Gupta said, “I got this concept of from a Facebook page named Carpool. From the day of fuel crisis some people created a Facebook page called Carpool and I was fascinated by the people in group talking about the idea of carpool. Being inspired from that Idea I and my friend Sachin Aryal thought of building this site.” They started to write the code at 10:00 PM and completed a prototype within 5 hours.

The technology used to build this site is semantic design, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It has been a week since the release of the first version and today they are going to launch their next version. Their application has also been featured in Kathmandupost Blog as “Five ways Nepali are trying to deal with fuel crisis.”

Mr. Gupta said, “This platform is not only for current situation of fuel crisis, we also want to motivate people to share their seat with others.”

Carpoolktm is a very simple and attractive site. There are two boxes where user can enter pick up address and drop off address and after that another page will display asking you if you want ask or offer seat. After that a pop up will be display where you have to enter detail information such as Name, Email, Pick UP Date and Time, Drop Off Location, Vehicle ask and route of travel.

After you submit your information, just below that you can see a table that consist of 8 column which provide different informations regarding Pick up, Drop Off, Date, Time, Vehicle, Seat available, Type (ask or offer) and details where you can see the request.

[caption id="attachment_8827" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Carpool 2 Photo: Mobile View of Carpool KTM
Photo Courtesy: Carpool KTM[/caption]

This is just an initial phase for this web application. The developers are currently building a mobile version of this application. This is going to be a huge success in the future.

Visit the site here: Carpool KTM